Kevin Thompson Full Name: Kevin Thompson
Current Age: 18
Current Vocation: Senior at Lawndale High (held back)
Season One Age: 16
Season One Vocation: Sophomore at Lawndale High
Parents: Doug and Charlene Thompson
First Appearance: Esteemsters

What goes well with an airhead cheerleader? A dumb jock, of course! Kevin is the quarterback of the Lawndale High varsity football team, and has apparently been through one too many practices without his helmet. He has no brains and no clue, which makes him the perfect match for Brittany. He is almost never out of his football uniform, probably because he'd be hopelessly confused about what else to wear. Daria tolerates him as best she can, though his I.Q. no doubt reminds her of her former nemeses, Beavis and Butt-head (and who would want to live through that again?).

Status at end of series: Flunked his senior year at Lawndale High and was held back. Still going out with Brittany, though that may change since Brittany is now attending Great Prairie State University.

Daria on Kevin: Brittany's half-baked love muffin. He's the BMOC. Too bad he has no idea what it stands for.

Voice: Kevin's voice is performed by Marc Thompson, who also does the voices of Upchuck, Jamie, Mr. O'Neill, and Mr. DeMartino.

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