Jodie Landon Full Name: Jodie Abigail Landon
Current Age: 18
Current Vocation: Freshman at Turner University
Season One Age: 16
Season One Vocation: Sophomore at Lawndale High
Parents: Andrew and Michele Landon
Siblings: Evan and Rachel
First Appearance: The Invitation

Every school has its model student... and Jodie qualifies as three of them. She's intelligent and popular, a condition that violates more than a few natural laws. She never met an extracurricular activity she didn't like; as President of the French Club, Vice President of the Student Council, President of the Honor Society, editor of the yearbook, and a member of the tennis team, Jodie is the see-all do-all student. Underneath that picture perfect exterior, however, is a significant (but well-hidden) layer of frustration and resentment. Due to her being practically the only African American student at Lawndale High, and to the constant pressure to achieve from her parents, she feels she must be Miss Perfect Student in order to set an example for others. Daria is a friend of Jodie's, and in some ways is also a role model for her, as Daria generally says and does whatever she likes... something that Jodie wishes she could do more often.

Status at end of series: Graduated from Lawndale High as valedictorian. Accepted into the freshman class at Turner University. Still going out with Mack, who received a scholarship to Vance University (and who was instrumental in convincing Jodie's parents that she'd be a lot happier at the predominantly African-American Turner than at the more prestigious, but less culturally diverse, Crestmore University).

Daria on Jodie: Mack's steady date. Does everything by the book and returns it to the library on time.

Voice: Jodie's voice is performed by Jessica Cydnee Jackson.

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  • Jodie's last name was revealed in "Arts 'N Crass" (#201).
  • Andrew and Michele was first seen in "Gifted" (#208).
  • Jodie's sister Rachel is only mentioned in The Daria Database. She is never mentioned on the show itself. Evan, her baby brother, is only seen in a photograph in "Gifted" (#208).