Mr. DeMartino
Anthony DeMartino Full Name: Anthony DeMartino
Current Age: 51
Season One Age: 49
Vocation: History teacher at Lawndale High
First Appearance: Esteemsters

Mr. DeMartino teaches History, and is stressed out to the point of being taken away in a straight-jacket (he makes Jake look like a master of Zen meditation). Mr. DeMartino is not unlike Jake in the fact that he suffered a bad childhood at the hands of uncaring parents. This undoubtedly accounts for most of his current psychological problems, the rest of which are caused by intellectual giants such as Kevin and Brittany. He has an annoying habit of shouting every fifth word or so, which causes one of his eyes to bulge out of his head, and if all that weren't enough, he's also saddled with a gambling addiction (which at one time cost him his car).

Daria on Mr. DeMartino: Thinks teachers' editions are for wimps. Beneath his gruff exterior, he's a puppy dog. A rabid puppy dog.

Voice: Mr. DeMartino's voice is performed by Marc Thompson, who also does the voices of Kevin, Upchuck, Jamie, and Mr. O'Neill.

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