Ms. Defoe
Claire Defoe Full Name: Claire Defoe
Age: Late 30's to early 40's
Vocation: Art teacher at Lawndale High
First Appearance: The Invitation

Ms. Defoe teaches Art, and appears to be the most normal of all the Lawndale High faculty. She is very down-to-earth, pleasant to a fault, and patient with all her students (even the talent-challenged Brittany). She is also a great admirer of Jane's artwork. (Ms. Defoe elicits a rare compliment from Jane -- "she's nice" -- even though Jane didn't appreciate Ms. Defoe guilt-tripping her into participating in a lame PTA poster art contest.) Her giving nature tends to come at a price, however, as in the case of her not having the heart to throw her freeloading ex-college roommates out of her studio apartment, thereby causing her to lug around a sleeping bag and to shower at a truck stop (using her own homemade soap, of course).

Daria on Ms. Defoe: Jewelry as large as her imagination. Resents being forced to choose between "arts" and "crafts."

Voice: Ms. Defoe's voice is performed by Nicole Carin (unconfirmed).

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