Mrs. Bennett
Diane Bennett Full Name: Diane Bennett
Age: Mid to late 40's
Spouse: Herbert Bennett
Vocation: Economics teacher at Lawndale High
First Appearance: Malled

Mrs. Bennett teaches Economics, and is likable but loopy. She is renowned for her extremely confusing chalkboard diagrams, which look like football playbook schematics but are a thousand times more confusing. She and her husband Herbert are collectors of Fuzzy Wuzzy Wee Bits, a line of Beanie Baby-like stuffed animals (she once got a whole boxful when she took her class to the Mall of the Millennium).

Daria on Mrs. Bennett: Lives for the clicky-clack sound that chalk makes. Her confusing diagrams are legendary, as is her hatred of pennies.

Voice: Mrs. Bennett's voice is performed by Amy Bennett.

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