Ms. Barch
Janet Barch Full Name: Janet Barch
Age: Mid 40's
Vocation: Science teacher at Lawndale High
First Appearance: The Lab Brat

Ms. Barch is the Science Teacher From Hell. She's just as psychotic as Mr. DeMartino, but her attitude stems from a very messy, very bitter divorce. As such, she has developed a rather healthy distaste for men (okay, she's a festering cauldron of hatred and resentment), which usually manifests itself by her giving the female students higher grades and favored treatment over the male students. The only man that has been able to get through her armor -- inadvertently -- is Mr. O'Neill, and that's only because he (unlike the rest of his "disgusting, war-mongering sex") displays and shares his feelings.

Daria on Ms. Barch: Hypothesis: Bitter divorce results in intense resentment of all males. Of any species.

Voice: Ms. Barch's voice is performed by Ashley Albert (aka "Echo" and "Petunia"), who also does the voice of Tiffany.

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