Art Gallery

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Daria and Jane on the streets

Daria and Jane meet up on the streets of Lawndale...
Daria and Jane get drunk

... and promptly get plastered.

Fallen angels

Daria design from Lew Richardson's "Heroes...". Lynn design from Canadibrit's "TLAS: And the B.A.N.D. Played On". So... which one's the fallen angel?
Daria and Lynn as models

Daria and TLAS' Lynn in their first modeling gig... won't Quinn be jealous?

Daria gets a tattoo

"Next time, we'll get you a tattoo. They last forever."
Caffeine Bomb

A T-shirt design based on Jane's first taste of Lynn's version of coffee.

Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower'

Stephen King's The Dark Tower series starring TLAS. From right to left: Cuthbert (Jane), Roland (Lynn), Alain (Daria), and Susan (AP) (the artist states, "Three girls plus one guy means the guy will get the worst part").
Daria/X-Men: Dominion

This is based on an as yet unfinished X-men/Daria crossover tentatively called "Dominion".