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John Markus

John Markus, in his own words: "I started playing around with computer graphics when I was about 12 years old or so (I'm currently 27). Unfortunately I didn't see many career opportunities in it and pursued science instead. I got my BS is Engineering Physics, and am currently working on my MS in computer science. I've gotten into computer graphics again fairly recently when I had an opportunity to do some web development at work. Between work and school I don't have much free time, but spend most of it learning CGI. Hopefully one of these days I'll have enough time to work up a killer demo reel. Although I do thoroughly enjoy my current job, the idea of being paid to do this kind of stuff sounds really really cool!"

John's personal web site is at

All of John's 3D artwork was created using a reasonably priced but professional 3D animation tool called Martin Hash Animation Master. It is available for Microsoft Windows PCs or PowerPC-based Macintosh. If this interests you, visit their home page and check it out.

3D Daria 3D Jane 3D Trent
These are rotating 3D images of Daria, Jane, and Trent. Click on the thumbnails to display the actual rotating images.
Daria and Jane at school

Daria and Jane in front of their lockers at school.
Daria and Jane in Daria's bedroom

Daria and Jane hanging out in Daria's bedroom.
Trent rehearsing

Daria and Jane watch Trent rehearsing.
(Click on any of the images to display the full-size pictures.)