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"Is It College Yet?" Publicity Stills

The following images are publicity stills for IICY that I had received from my source at the Daria production offices. Individual images were released at a rate of roughly one a week, right up to the premiere on January 21, 2002. And yes, I did this to inject a little much-needed fun and anticipation back into fandom, especially since MTV didn't exactly go out of its way to do a lot of promotion for the movie. (You can stop being shocked now.)

Special thanks go to my source, who undoubtedly knew that fan word-of-mouth is a precious thing... and, in this case, a lot more effective than MTV's typical lackluster promotion of Daria.

(Click on the images to display the full-size pictures.)

Jake congratulates Daria for getting into Raft College, with his usual enthusiasm.

Daria endures Quinn bemoaning both her situation with Lindy and Daria's dumping of Tom.

Daria is shocked to learn she's received an academic achievement award.

The freakin' friends share a moment of humor during the interminably dull ceremony.

Daria and Jane toast their friendship.