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Christ Oliver

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Jane and Daria

Jane and Daria.

Jane surprises Daria

Daria gets surprised after taking a shower.

Will they...?

Will they or won't they?
Daria, Tom, and mistletoe

Watch out for the mistletoe!
Jane and Daria, back-to-back

Jane and Daria get playful.

Daria and Jane visit South Park

Daria and Jane are headin' on out to South Park.
Daria and Jane are all smiles

Daria and Jane are all smiles. Eeep! (Inspired by a sketch by "Beatnik Shaggy.")
'Good Mornings with Daria and Jane'

A promotional poster for "Good Mornings with Daria and Jane." Inspired by the images in the IICY closing credits.

Daria and Jane's cameo

Daria and Jane make a cameo appearance in one of the author's comics.
Daria's Inferno for Gameboy Advance

"Daria's Inferno," now for the Gameboy Advance! (Well, not really...)

Daria in 'Road Worrier'   Daria in 'Road Worrier'

Daria as seen in "Road Worrier" (#111).