Fan Fiction
"The New Nightmare Series"
by Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman

New Nightmare (*)He's a nearly broke rock musician. She's a high school brain who had a crush on him but could never tell him she loved him. What drove them to run off to Las Vegas together to get married? Find out on the next "Sick, Sad World," or just read this story.
Her Name Was Lola, She Was a Cheerleader (*)Since we last reported on them (in "New Nightmare"), Lola Morgendorffer has gone from simple ex-cheerleader to acknowledged genius -- and her husband Trent Lane likes her that way. Could it be that Lola has always been smart -- or has Trent been using hypnosis and mind-altering drugs on her? Brainwashing, on the next "Sick, Sad World."
Lola's Secret (*)Lola and Trent were the greatest performers in the world, their albums selling in record numbers, and their concerts always sold out. They had it all, and yet two years ago, they abandoned their life of fame and fortune and disappeared from public life. What were they thinking, and what has happened to them? The horrifying truth, on the next Sick, Sad World!
Neverending Nightmare (*)(no description provided)