Fan Fiction
"Falling Into College"
by Richard Lobinske

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Year 1 - Fall
Primer: The Last Summer

A summary of events from Daria's months in Lawndale between graduation and her first semester at Raft (as chronicled in the series "The Last Summer").
#1: Boarding the Raft

The next phase of Daria's life begins as she arrives at Raft University, with her parents and Quinn in tow. Part of the ritual involves meeting her new dormmate, aspiring veterinarian Karen Myerson, but will Daria's family scare her off before her classes do?
#2: Returning Nightmare

As Daria settles in at Raft, Jane awaits her mid-year start at Boston Fine Arts College by taking a temporary job: teaching assistant for Clair Defoe at Lawndale High. Being a student was bad enough, but building a nest egg for BFAC may not be worth the horror of finding out what's behind the looking glass...
#3: Lindy and the Knight

Jane discovers Quinn's friend Lindy asleep in the living room at Casa Lane, and learns that Trent brought her home when he found her passed out at McGrundy's. Both Quinn and Jane become concerned over Lindy's alcoholism, which seems to be getting worse, and her developing attracion to Trent... who Quinn knows has broken a certain someone's heart in the past.
#4: Freshman Spread

Daria's small weight gain is a minor concern to her, but to Karen -- who lost a close friend when her friend's obsession with body image lead to tragic results -- it's a much more serious problem. Determined to not let her roomate meet a similar fate, Karen helps Daria confront the real reasons behind her need to hide her appearance from the rest of the world.
#5: Quinn the Tutor

When Quinn lets slip the fact that she has been quietly tutoring Tiffany, Helen decides that she should use those skills to build up more extracurricular activities, to make up for no longer being in the Fashion Club. Quinn reluctantly agrees, but she never counted on the daunting task of tutoring Kevin Thompson, the virtutually unteachable former QB.
#6: Nineteen in Ninety-Nine

Daria's nineteenth birthday starts out on a positive note as her first Melody Powers story is published, a second is accepted, and Karen throws her a small party with her fellow dormmates. To top it off, Amy arrives to take her and Karen out for a night on the town, but their night quickly evolve into its own Melody Powers story when they discover that two goons are following them.
#7: Home for Thanksgiving

Karen's plans to return home for Thanksgiving are tossed out the window when her financial problems finally rise to the surface. Her pride won't allow her to accept financial assistance from Daria, but she does accept an invitation to spend Thanksgiving in Lawndale, and is further intrigued by Daria's determination to find a way to keep Karen at Raft. As for Daria, she finds herself reconsidering a date request from a fellow student named Michael Fulton.
#8: Winter's Eve

Final exams, as well as her first few dates with Michael, bring Daria's first semester of college to a close. Meanwhile Jane bids farewell to her Lawndale High colleagues as she finishes her semester as a teaching assistant (and proves a point to her hostile former gym teacher, Ms. Morris).
#9: Holiday Breaks

Home for the winter break, Daria reunites with Jane and connects with some old friends, and meets Lindy in person for the first time. After surviving the holidays (as well as Y2K), Daria and Trent help Jane with her move to BFAC, where Jane meets her new roommate, CC. But who will Jane end up with at "11 o'clock on move-in day"?!

Year 1 - Spring
Primer: Year 1 - Fall

A summary of events from the fall of Year One.
#10: Chosin Fate

Like most college students scraping to get by, Daria needs a job, and gets one transcribing taped interviews from the Korean War for her U.S. History professor. She gets a shock when she comes across an interview with the last person she ever expected to hear from: her grandfather, "Mad Dog" Morgendorffer. With new insights into her grandfather and his experiences in the war, Daria is determined to help Jake come to terms with both the father he knew and the person he used to be.
#11: Art Frieze

At BFAC, Jane adjusts to her roommate (and dorm life in general), as well as her first semester of classes... which, of course, have nothing to do with art. She does, however, get to scratch her artistic itch when she enters the "Boston Ice Tea Party," a sculpture contest using nothing but blocks of ice made from frozen tea.
#12: Days of Expression

Valentineís Day gets a little complicated for Daria as she remembers her old feelings toward Trent and Tom, while pondering her new feelings for Michael.
#13: Flaming the Fans

As she recovers from a cold, Daria discovers that her Melody Powers stories have generated quite a following. Unfortunately, one of them, an old acquaintance, has taken things one step too far. "Revenge is a dish best served cold," to quote an old Klingon proverb... and winters in New England are quite cold, indeed.
#14: Can This Be Spring?

After reviewing her finances, Jane grugingly accepts that spring break in Daytona is out of the question. However, that doesn't stop her from having a beach party, with the help of her friends and dormmates... but will the infamously fickle New England winter have the final say in the matter?
#15: The Spirals Are Coming!

Daria helps Mystik Spiral land a gig at Raft's spring concert series. The only questions are: can they do well enough to impress the audience... and will the infamous Tank survive the trip to Boston?
#16: A Daze at the Races

Quinn celebrates her eighteenth birthday (and her acceptance into Pepperhill University) as Stacy prepares for a big race. But Sandi surprises them all when she announces she wants to be friends again after losing her job at her mom's television station.
#17: May Day

With the arrival of spring finals comes an end to Daria's first year of college at Raft. Her world gets turned upside down, however, when Michael announces that he's been accepted into an undergraduate program in Rome... and makes a shocking proposal to Daria.
#18: Prom Quinn

Prom time at Lawndale High finds Quinn searching for a prom date, and facing the last choice she ever would have made. She also overspends on her dress, and chooses the worst possible time to distract Jake by implying that Daria and Michael are sleeping together.
#19: Seeking Hearts

Spring term ends at Raft as Daria looks for a new apartment to share with Karen and Jane, Karen heads home to Georgia for the summer, and Daria and Jane visit Lawndale. Through it all, Daria and Michael try to communicate with each other after their breakup, only to fall victim to a frustrating comedy of errors.
#20: Shopping For Cars With Boys

Having patched things up with Daria, Michael decides to spend the next few days in Lawndale before returning to Detroit for the summer. Meanwhile, Trent hunts for a new car to replace the "blue bomb" (which he had sold to Max to replace the Tank) and winds up with an unusual deal that could see Daria and Jane getting transportation of their own.

Year 1 - Summer
Primer: Year 1 - Spring

A summary of events from the spring of Year One.
#21: Keeping My Friends Close

As summer semester begins at Raft and BFAC, Daria and Jane adjust to living together in their new apartment. On the job front, Daria settles into her new job at Raft University Press, while Jane finds a job that, strange as it may seem, she can thank her old high school principal, Ms. Li, for the prior experience.
#22: Fashionable Graduation

Graduation time arrives for the Lawndale High senior class, including Quinn, Kevin, and the former Fashion Club. As they prepare to move on to the next chapter of their lives, Daria, Jane, Jodie, and Mack reunite to pass on the Honor Society to the next class, with everyone surprised to learn the identity of the recipient of the Academic Achievement award.
#23: Through Lenses Most Bright

When she finds reading becoming more difficult, Daria schedules an eye exam, which reveals an important change in her prescription. As she comes to grips with her evolving eyesight, Daria also faces the daunting task of replacing her glasses without compromising the identity she has built for herself, with help from an unexpected source.
#24: Silver Lining

On their 25th wedding anniversary, Helen and Jake decide to renew their vows, complete with a recreation of their original "hippie" wedding. With all of the extended Barksdale and Morgendorffer family members in attendance, the only question is how soon the thermonuclear detonation will occur...
#25: Freedom of Speech

Daria finally admits that she loves Michael. Being able to say it to him, however, is another matter entirely, but she's bound and determined to do so when she visits him in Detroit for the Fourth of July weekend. And where exactly does lasagna fit into all of this?
#26: Boston Baked Band

"The play's the thing," to quote the Bard, as Daria and her theater class get ready for their performance of "Henry V." She also prepares for the arrival of Mystik Spiral, in town for their latest gig: performing at their cast party. Either way you look at it, the world of theater may never be the same again...
#27: Lost Eagles Found

As the summer semester ends, Daria attempts to hunt down the perfect birthday present for Michael before leaving for Lawndale to help Quinn prepare for Pepperhill. Meanwhile, Jane heads to Virginia to deliver her painting of Erin and Brian to Tess Barksdale, and has an unusual encounter with Erin herself.

Year 2 - Fall
Primer: Year 1 - Summer

A summary of events from the summer of Year One.
#28: The Parents Are At Rest

As summer ends and fall classes beckon, Quinn says her goodbyes to Lawndale before leaving for Pepperhill, where she meets her roommate Fran; Sandi attempts to collect on an old debt from Daria; and Jake and Helen prepare for an empty nest. In the end, however, Helen learns how bitter irony can be when a long-sought goal is finally reached...
#29: Back Aboard

Some of Karen's family and background are revealed as she prepares for the fall term at Raft and living with Daria and Jane. But before classes start, Jane insists that they all head out for a weekend at the beach... no exceptions!
#30: A Part That's Gained

Jane gets a forceful reminder of the realities of working in a children's hospital when young Stan, a chemotherapy patient, collapses and is rushed to the ICU. She's hailed as a heroine for her life-saving CPR efforts, but that pales compared to the unexpected realization she finds as she awaits word of Stan's recovery.
#31: Esteeming Lysistrata

On the anniversary of their first meeting in self-esteem class, Daria and Jane's celebration is interrupted by an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, an attempt to do something nice for Fran backfires horribly when she's insulted and ridiculed over her appearance, prompting Quinn to seek Daria's advice on how to teach those responsible a lesson they'll never forget.
#32: Bump in the Night

BFAC holds a Halloween fundraiser for a trip that Jane wants to go on, and not only does Jane convince Daria to go, she wins a bet with her on who chooses the costumes. But what, exactly, is going bump in the night (or, to be more precise, the rafters)? At Pepperhill, Quinn discovers the effect her renewed dating schedule has had on her grades... and it's not good.
#33: The Last Piece Falls

Daria is subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury regarding her part in the Ultra Cola debacle at Lawndale High. The involvement of Angela Li and Leonard Lamm in the case is no surprise, but where do Linda and Sandi Griffin fit into it? And as if that weren't enough, Upchuck's infatuation with Daria appears to have escalated to something far more dangerous...
#34: For This, We're Thankful

Daria works out a plan with the Lawndale district attorney that involves Helen and Jake joining her and her friends for Thanksgiving in Boston, and Quinn visiting Fran's family for the holiday. With everyone safely away from Lawndale, and a decoy in place, they hope to catch another stalking attempt by Upchuck and take him down for good.
#35: A Few Important Details

After their one year anniversary, Daria and Michael decide to take their relationship to the next level, taking advantage of a weekend when Karen and Jane will be out of town. As the weekend in question approaches, Daria recalls some of the same doubts she had before on the subject, and also contemplates how things with Michael are much different than they were with Tom.
#36: Christmas Melody

It's the holiday season again as Quinn returns home (by way of Boston) after her first semester at Pepperhill, but she isn't exactly looking forward to her parents seeing her grades. Daria and Jane, meanwhile, catch up with family and friends, and receive quite a few surprises to ring in the new year.

Year 2 - Spring
Primer: Year 2 - Fall

A summary of events from the fall of Year Two.
#37: Refrieze

Jane decides to once again enter BFAC's "Boston Ice Tea Party" ice sculpture contest. In order to work around complications from her job at the children's hospital, Jane gets the kids involved in the contest, which unfortunately causes some friction with the hospital higher-ups.
#38: Lane Closure

As Lindy starts preparing for her wedding, she receives notice that the mortgage to Casa Lane has been paid off early. When she gives Amanda and Vincent the good news, they regale her with the tale of when they first came to the house in 1973, and how they ultimately bought and turned a former commune for artists into the Lane family home.
#39: And the Bubble Burst

As Daria and her friends prepare for spring break, Erin takes shelter in Boston and announces her plans to divorce Brian. That's just the tip of the iceberg, however, as Erin informs Daria that the Barksdale family is teetering on the edge of financial ruin, thanks to Grandma Tess' ill-timed dabbling in online stock trading.
#40: I Hope You Didn't Have Plans

After spring break, Daria and Karen plan for Jane's birthday. Things get complicated for Daria, however, when the director of the Raft University Press is promoted and a new director arrives, along with his autocratic attitude and brutal work schedule.
#41: Run Jane, Run

Jane gets ready to compete in the Boston Marathon, with a little help from her friends and the kids at the children's hospital. Meanwhile, Daria is notified that Upchuck has accepted a plea bargain in the stalking case against him, and both she and Michael return to Lawndale to attend the court hearing and see justice done.

Year 2 - Summer
Primer: Year 2 - Spring

A summary of events from the spring of Year Two.
#42: Registering Annoyance

With spring term over, Karen heads back to Georgia, while Daria and Jane prepare to host Mystik Spiral for another Boston gig. At the same time, Daria's summer registration has vanished somewhere in the Registrar's computer system, forcing her to jump through bureaucratic hoops in her quest to retrieve it.
#43: Four Friends, Four Winds

Quinn says goodbye to Fran and returns to Lawndale for the summer. There, she catches up with the members of the former Fashion Club, whose lives have gone in very different directions. This is particularly true for Sandi, whose life has hit a rough patch after a lackluster year at college and being disowned by Linda over her testimony in the Ultra Cola mess.
#44: Apartment for Rent

When his apartment hunt takes longer than anticipated, Michael temporarily moves in with Daria after he is forced to vacate the Raft dormitory. His subsequent search doesn't hold much promise, as each prospect turns out to be worse than the last. Even with Daria's help, his chances of finding a decent place to live appear to be slim indeed...
#45: Lindy Lane

The wandering Lanes gather for the first time since the events of "Lane Miserables" to attend Trent and Lindy's wedding. Before that takes place, however, the lucky couple have to endure their bachelor and bachelorette parties, where anything can (and sometimes does) happen. At the wedding, Daria and Quinn wonder if they'll face a repeat of Erin's wedding fiasco when Lindy's alcoholic mother meets the Lanes. And finally, what is Sandi doing sneaking into the Griffin house?
#46: Family Collision

During their Fourth of July vacation, Michael's parents and sister drive to Boston to visit him and Daria. When they all head to Lawndale to meet Jake, Helen and Quinn, Tess Barksdale finds out and decides to join in on the fun. The gathering of the Fulton, Morgendorffer, and Barksdale clans is an impending disaster of Biblical proportions...
#47: Melody of Life

Daria learns that her planned "final" Melody Powers story has been accepted. While making editorial revisions to her story, she deals with the mystery of a missing manuscript that she needs to find if she wants to keep her job, and discovers during her search that she may actually be a pawn in someone else's game.
#48: Dividing Spiral

Nick's little girl is about to start first grade, forcing him to come to a sobering realization: if he's to do right by her, he's going to have to get a real job... and leave Mystik Spiral. Meanwhile, Quinn returns to her new sorority in California, which she now considers home, and realizes that though they may keep in touch with each other, the former Fashion Club has finally drifted apart for good.
#49: Past Influences

Summer draws to a close as Daria, Jane and Karen get ready to start their junior year of college. Daria and Jane are surprised when Elsie Sloane stops by to visit on her way to college... and even moreso when she tells them that she isn't going to the Sloane alma mater, Bromwell.

Year 3 - Fall
Primer: Year 2 - Summer

A summary of events from the summer of Year Two.
#50: A Matter of Priorities

The inevitable finally happens: the Monday after Amy's wedding, Helen suffers a stroke while arguing a case in court. Dropping everything (and risking her job), Daria and Michael immediately drive to Lawndale, where they join Jake, Rita and Grandma Tess at the hospital, while Quinn must wait until the next morning for a flight out of California.
#51: Mirrors

With the support of Jake and her family, Helen begins her long recovery from her stroke. Seeing what her mother went through, a worried Daria decides to get herself checked out, and the results from her physical aren't exactly a cause for celebration.
#52: Girl: Lost and Found

A former columnist from "Val" magazine, determined to write "the real story of 'D,'" tracks down Daria in order to get her side of the story. Old grudges die hard, however, and when Val (who's sharper -- and a LOT more ruthless -- than she lets on) gets wind of what's happening, she decides to thwart her former employee by any means necessary... ethical or otherwise.
#53: Daria Went Down to Georgia

It's a travelling Thanksgiving for everyone as Daria, Michael, and Derek go to Georgia to spend the holiday with Karen's family, Jake and Helen fly to California to visit Quinn, and Jane spends the weekend with both the MacKenzies and her own family.
#54: Another Day in Paradise

A look at Michael's daily life after he returns from the Thanksgiving trip and prepares for the second anniversary of Daria first agreeing to go out with him... and a second try at asking her to marry him. If only Murphy and his damn law could have just taken the day off...

Year 3 - Spring
Primer: Year 3 - Fall

A summary of events from the fall of Year Three.
#55: Emerald Season

As Daria and Michael each travel home for Christmas to break the news of their engagement, Quinn's long, uneventful flight becomes a bit more interesting when she meets an intriguing grad student from California.
#56: Between the Lines

Daria starts her student teaching internship as a new semester begins. Unfortunately, she must also deal with the escalating feud between Dr. Findlay and Dr. Killarny, and though she originally had been willing to tough it out, Daria is now forced to reconsider whether her job is worth being used as a pawn in their game.
#57: A Star for the Window

When Derekís National Guard unit is activated and he prepares to go overseas, Daria and Jane try to help Karen deal with her fear about possibly losing him. Meanwhile, Jane and Nell once again compete in the BFAC "Boston Ice Tea Party."
#58: California Roll

It's Spring Break for Raft and Pepperhill. In California, Quinn's not-quite boyfriend "Q" returns to visit and take her on their first real date, while Michael and Daria visit Bromwell for his new job. The odds of them running into Tom Sloane and his girlfriend on such a huge college campus are so astronomical, it'll never happen... yeah, right.
#59: Link with the Past

Still without a job, Daria is talked into trying out for another theater production. Meanwhile, Link contacts Daria for advice on asking out a girl from school, and Lindy informs everyone that there will soon be another generation of the Lane family.
#60: History and Theater

As the spring semester comes to a close, Daria is deep in rehearsals for her new play and Michael is busy with a history project with Clarice, a fellow history major. Busy schedules, separation and worry take their toll on Daria, Jane and Karenís relationships.

Year 3 - Summer
#61: Latitudes

The summer of 2002 begins with everyone preparing to go off onto their own paths. When one of Jake's accounts offers a block of six cabins on a Caribbean cruise, he and Helen realize that it's probably their last chance for a real family vacation. They also see it as a chance to get to know Daria and Quinn's friends, so Michael, Jane, Mack, Karen, "Q," Fran, Tammy and Grace are included in the invitation.

Year 4 - Fall
#62: Run It Up the Mast

As the fall semester begins, Daria applies for a job as a copy editor for "The Mast," Raft's college newspaper; CC and Nell help Jane through the initial stages of recovery from her breakup with Mack; and Michael tries to find a way to stay friends with Clarice, who's doing everything she can to avoid him after their post-project misunderstanding.
#63: Broken Star

Karen's biggest fear is realized when Derek becomes a casualty of the war in Afghanistan. When he's sent home to begin recovering from his injuries, Karen must make some tough decisions and Daria finds she needs to support a friend like never before.
#64: This Is Now

Coyote and Willow again visit Jake and Helen, who has just received a job offer from the State Bar Association. Meanwhile, Quinn has a surprise vistior of her own: Sandi Griffin. And Daria, to her pleasant surprise, finds herself alone for the weekend, despite two roommates, a fiance, and the demanding presence of the resident feline goddess.
#65: Arrivals and Returns

As Thanksgiving approaches, Daria and Jane help Karen prepare for Derek's return to Boston and their upcoming "makeup" wedding, while back in Lawndale, Lindy and Trent get ready for the birth of their child.
#66: Christmas in White

Daria can't help but be drawn into the fray as Karen and Derek prepare for their formal wedding during winter break, while she and Michael prepare to share his apartment after his roommate graduates and moves out. It's a wedding with Morgendorffers and Barksdales involved. What could possibly go wrong?

Year 4 - Spring
#67: How Did We Get All This Stuff?

Moving is in the air as winter break comes to an end. After their honeymoon, Karen and Derek move into their new apartment, while Daria moves in with Michael after Lewis departs following his gradation. Meanwhile, CC and Nell move into the Silversmith Drive apartment with Jane. If no one ever sees a cardboard box for the rest of their lives, it'll be too soon...
#68: Judging January

Jane is surprised to be invited to be a student judge for the Boston Ice Tea Party and is worried about possible bias since Nell has an entry that mysteriously includes Derek and CC posing. For Daria and Michael, the new term also means looking at possible places for graduate school and coming to terms with old failures.
#69: Two Intents

Two old problems reappear for Daria: Val and Upchuck. After Daria's tip at Karen's ceremony, a local television reporter investigates Daria's situation with Val, while back in Lawndale, a psychiatric panel decides that Charles can be released from the hospital.
#70: Is It the Future, Yet?

Home after Spring Break, Daria and Michael juggle interests to find a college that will accept both of them as graduate students; Karen waits to hear about vet school; Jane has an opportunity with the children's hospital; and Amy worries about Reese, who has been deployed to Iraq.
#71: Merging Goals

Quinn gets a surprising offer from Q, while Jane and her roommates try to work up a business plan for their own art gallery and studio. Over in Lawndale, Jake receives an offer from Jodie Landon to buy Morgendorffer Consulting; will he see it as an opportunity for early retirement, or a "hostile takeover" of his years of hard work? (Silly question.)
#72: Valley of Love and Delight

The series concludes as Daria and company graduate from college and take the first steps of their new lives. For Jane, this means returning to Lawndale with CC and Nell to open their new art gallery, while Daria and Michael prepare for their wedding, graduate school, and what lies beyond.


When Daria and Michael bring home a tree for their first Christmas after starting graduate school, it reminds her cat Bump of her past.
First Born

Six years after graduation, Daria and Michael join Karen and Derek as they await the birth of their first child.
Oh, By the Way

The Quinns have an announcement to make when the extended Morgendorffer and Barksdale clans gather for Easter, seven years after graduation.

As Daria approaches her thirtieth birthday, she and Michael continue to struggle to find faculty positions. Meanwhile, Quinn is expecting her first child.
Settling Into A New Life

After Quinn's wedding, Daria and Michael move into their new home in Florida. However, Michael has to return to Virginia for four months to complete his current post-doctoral assignment. While Daria gets used to being a professor, Michael receives a tempting offer.
The Cats Will Play

With Daria and Michael away for the weekend, their cats Bump and Sissy find ways to amuse themselves.
Old Married Valentines

With their busy lives, Daria and Michael find themselves without plans for Valentine's Day.
Finding A New Lane

Trent and Lindy's ten-year old son Andy feels like an outcast in a family full of artists, but he finds something that might be a better path for him.
Sweet Dreams

Daria and Michael's tenth anniversary plans to visit Washington D. C. get entangled with the impending childbirths of Amy's friends Paula and Sammi.

With Helen's retirement, she and Jake face the decision of where to live, and what to do with their lives.

Two Body Problem

The story of Amy Barksdale and her boyfriend, Anton, as they try to solve the classic academic conundrum of the "Two Body Problem": a couple with doctorates attempting to find faculty positions together.

Other Stories
The Clip Show

By popular request, it's a look back on four years' worth of special moments from a special series, a journey to places found not on the globe, but on a map of the human heart. (In other words, a cheap-ass clip fic.)
A Home at Summer's End

A black cat seeks shelter for the night, and finds much more. Written for The Angst Guy's 2007 Halloween challenge, and occurs prior to and during "Bump in the Night."
I Meant to Do That

After Daria's alarm inexplicably goes off on a weekend April Fool's Day, Bump spends the day living her life around the three humans that share her home.
Meowlody Powers

Daria's cat Bump dreams of being a secret agent.

Alternate Universes & Crossovers
Band of Bothers [Artwork]

In this alternate-universe crossover with DJW's "Martial Arts AU" series, Daria meets Clovis Lee-Daniels during a rather, ah, "unique" summer production of Henry V.
A Legend of Rebirth

A fun ficlet crossover with "Red Dwarf" about what happens after the rebirth of a favored cat.
A Little Help From Your Fiends

When Upchuck escapes from the psychiatric hospital and heads for Boston to track down Daria, Tom decides to send his two friends Clovis and Wasabi to help. Inspired by Angelboy's Iron Chef challenge for authors that are polar opposites of each other to write a story together, and is a crossover with DJW's "Open Windows" series.
Nervous Dreams

Daria discovers her dreams are more real than she imagined, and Aunt Amy tells Daria of the maternal bloodline curse affecting both of them, in this tale set in an alternate universe version of "Falling Into College."