Chris's Last Stand

Section: Misc.

Plot: Quinn revives the Fashion Club but by doing so she accidentally revives Chris in the process. And Chris isn't too happy about the you-double crossed me and then threw a knife in my face thing.

We start at the mall where Daria and Quinn are pulling Chris's dead body off the wall.

Quinn: Lets bury this sorry asshole.

Daria: Oh so we're not going to keep him?

Quinn: Lay off the books, brain.

Daria: Bitch. Damn this kid weighs a ton.

Quinn: I'm thinking of reviving everyone.

Daria: Who is everyone?

Quinn: Tiffany, Sandi, Stacy, Kevin, and Upchuck.

Daria: Do you want to join Chris?

The two argued till they got to the river.

Daria: Lets bury him under water.

Quinn: No problem. Shouldn't we take the chainsaw off?

Daria: Chris can bring it to hell with him.

Daria notices Chris's eyes are open Daria swipes her hand over them and shuts them. They bury Chris under water. When Quinn and Daria went home Quinn went straight up to her room. She reached in the closet and found Voodoo for dummies. Quinn opened it and found resurrection. She did the chant and said all the names and accidently Chris's name. Quinn closed her mouth really quick.

Quinn: Hopefully that didn't revive Chris.

Cut To: The river Chris was buried in bubbles start following to the top of the water and then a chainsaw bursts out of the water followed by Chris. Chris was breathing heavily with rage in his eyes.

Chris: They thought they got rid of me Quinn uttered my name by accident and now they will feel the wrath of Chris.

The next day at school Daria and Jane are talking about Chris's death.

Jane (shocked): You're serious you actually murdered Chris.

Daria: You can't really call it murder. Yes.

They see the Fashion Club walk by and then Quinn grins at them evilly.

Daria: That bitch revived them.

Jane: Huh.

Daria: Quinn was babbling about reviving all the people Chris killed or something.

At lunch The Fashion Club was eating when Quinn looked out the window and saw Chris she rubbed her eyes and Chris was gone.

Quinn (to herself but loud enough): Whoa for a second I thought Chris came back.

Sandi: What are you talking about?

Quinn: Daria and I killed Chris yesterday.

Tiffany: Good jooooob.

Stacy: I thought you were going out with him.

Quinn: I got tired of him.

At the end of lunch Daria and Jane get up and throw away their lunches and Daria looks the window and also see Chris standing there. Quinn throwing her lunch away too sees Chris outside the window. Daria and Quinn run to the principal's office. They get in and start talking to her.

Daria: Ms. Li I think there is a ghost at our school.

Ms. Li: Oh that's the funniest story and I'll believe it for a school donation.

All of a sudden a chainsaw saws through the wall and Chris walks out of it and slices Ms. Li in half.

Chris: How is that for a school donation? Oh and girls I'm no ghost Quinn accidently said my name as she was reviving everyone.

Quinn: Shit.

Chris: And now I'm back and I'm pissed.

Chris revs the chainsaw back up and walks toward Daria and Quinn. Daria picks up a chair and hits Chris across the face with it. Chris falls to the ground. He gets back up and staggers toward them when Jane kicks open the door and hits Chris with a fire extinguisher. Chris falls to the ground unconscious. Daria, Jane, and Quinn run out of the door. Luckily for them this was about 10 minutes until the bell rang so they waited out school and ran to Jane's house.

Daria: He'll never think of finding us there.

They all stop in front of Jane's house and they jump Quinn.

Daria: You moron reviving Chris.

Jane: We should let Chris kill you.

After 5 minutes they get up. They all walk inside.

Jane: Well lets find some weapons.

The door slams from behind them they turn around and Chris is standing there. He has a big gash on the side of his head.

Chris: I'm back again and now I'm pissed.

Quinn: Why are you trying to kill us?

They all look at Quinn.

Chris: Killing me could have something to do with it.

He revs up the chainsaw but Mystik Spiral jumps Chris.

Trent (wrestling Chris.): Go now.

The 3 girls run out the door and hear a chainsaw rev up and screams.

Daria and Jane: Trent no.

Chris then flies through the door, which looks like he was punched. Trent emerges from the doorway.

Trent: You know Chris you used to be cool. Why did you turn into a psycho?

Chris: Could it be the fact that Quinn and Daria stabbed me in the face?

Trent: Then why are you after Janey?

Chris: She hit me with a fire extinguisher.

There was a quick flash and Chris was back to back with Trent. Trent then started to slide apart diagonally.


Chris: Who's going to stop me now?

Voice from behind them: We Are.

Chris turns to see the Fashion Club.

Chris: Damnit this crap is getting old.

Chris walks over to Tiffany.

Chris (mocking Tiffany): Noooow you're going to dieeeeeeeeee.

Chris brings his chainsaw through Tiffany. Chris turns to Stacy but they all run away.

They all run into Chris's house and get in his basement.

Daria: He killed Trent that bastard is going down.

Quinn: He killed Stacy.

Rest of the girls: He will die.

They hear the front door burst open and Chris's voice.

Chris: Back home. Man this killing everyone in my way to get revenge crap is pissing me off. Man I'm a dumbass I thought Quinn actually liked me. Oh well.

They hear a loud thud, which is most likely his chainsaw, and then they heard the shower running.

Daria: Lets get out of here.

The 5 girls got out of the basement and ran out of the house. Meanwhile Chris just gets out of the shower. He gets dressed and picks the chainsaw back up and puts it on.

Chris: Here we go again.

Back down the road.

Sandi: Do you think he'll look for us at my house?

Quinn: Probably.

They all decide to go in the forest. They're about 50 yards into the woods when Chris steps out from behind a tree.

Chris: Hereeeeeeeeeee's Johnny.

Chris advances toward them and raises his chainsaw and revs it up.

Chris: Now you'll find out what happens to people who double cross me.

Sandi: Take Quinn she's the one who killed you.

Stacy: Don't forget Daria just let us go.

Chris disappears. Then appears behind Stacy and Sandi. He brings his chainsaw across the middle of their bodies slicing them in half. He then notices Jane, Daria, and Quinn are running away. Chris chases them.

Daria: You picked good friends they were going to let us die.

Quinn: How was I supposed to know?

Jane: Shut up and keep running.

Chris disappears and appears 10 feet in front of our heroes. The 3 girls stop dead in their tracks.

Quinn (whispering): Run I got an idea.

Daria: This day is different.

Daria and Jane run but Chris doesn't follow.

Chris: They can wait I'll kill you first.

Quinn just smiles at him seductively.

Quinn: Give me 5 minutes to live it will be worth your while.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Quinn takes off her shirt.

Quinn: Let me live for 5 more minutes and I'll let you have sex with me.

Chris (eyes widen and smiles.): Ok.

Chris drops the chainsaw and walks over to Quinn. Chris and Quinn start making out.

Quinn: This bra is really itchy.

Cut to: a shot of their feet you see a red bra drop. Then you see her blue jeans drop. After that you see blood spilling out of one of them.

Cut To: Their upper bodies Quinn's hands are over were breasts and you see Chris with a knife in his chest.

Chris falls to the ground and he looks up at Quinn tears in his eyes.

Chris: Physically it doesn't really hurt but emotionally it's just the most painful thing I've ever felt. I mean now that I'm dying I'm glad what you just did was a whole lot worse. (Chris's eyes flicker and they close for good.)

Daria and Jane walk out from behind the trees. Daria looks at Quinn.

Daria: When you think about it that was pretty mean.

Quinn: Did he honestly think I was going to have sex with him?

Jane: By the way Quinn we're not guys so we'd like it if you put your clothes back on.

Quinn gets her clothes back on and they turn away. All of a sudden Chris's hand starts to twitch his eyes open and there are flames in them he bolts up.

Chris: Oh Quinn may I have a word with you.

Quinn (not turning around): No it can't be.

Chris: Oh but it is. Now I'm going to kill you all no stalling.

Quinn zips around and hurls a knife right through his head. Chris flies backwards and hits the ground. The girls walk away going to revive everyone except Chris.