Lawndale Goes To Hell.

Section: Horror/Suspense

Plot: Chris is revived but our heroes face new problems.

Well the girls are awake and Daria looking through "Voodoo for Dummies."

Daria: It'd be easier if he told us what page it was on.

Quinn: Be patient.

Daria: Aw f*ck this.

Daria hurls the book across the room. Quinn runs over and picks it up.

Quinn: Daria, you got to look at the table of contents. Here we go Reviving page 665. It says to chant these words than the person who you want to revive.

Daria: Are we going revive the Fashion Club?

Quinn: Hell No. Alright here we go Unna mushsa coodos Chris.

Quinn closes the book and the 3 girls run to the graveyard.

Jane: Well here's Chris's grave. But where is Chris?

There is a sudden banging under them.

Daria: What the hell is that?

Quinn: Must be Chris.

All of a sudden a dirty hand bursts out of the ground followed by the rest of Chris. Quinn runs to hug him but stops.

Quinn: Chris, Maybe you should take a shower.

Chris: Sorry I've been dead for a few days in an old coffin.

Chris brushes the dust off himself and walks to his house.

Quinn: Why are you going to your home? Tiffany and Stacy burned it.

Chris: Damn that's right.

Quinn: There's a shower at my house.

Chris (finally arriving at his burned house.): Ok doesn't look like the water's running in my house anyway. But from the looks of it my room is in fine condition. Just let me get out of this burial suit it's giving me a wedgie from hell.

Chris walks in his house walking around the debris and making it up the stairs, which collapsed right as he got off them and headed to his room. He finds a pair of jeans, a How To Get A Date t-shirt, and a red trenchcoat.

Chris: Damn it's been a while since I wore this red trenchcoat.

Anyway Chris jumps out the window on the count the it was the only way down. He meets back up with Quinn and Daria (Jane went home.). And the 3 walk to Daria's house.

Quinn: Alright Chris I'll show you to the shower.

Chris: Thanks. I can't wait to get out of these clothes and be clean again.

Quinn leads Chris to the shower and Chris goes in and closes the door. Quinn hears the shower running and walks to her room. 5 minutes later Chris comes out of the bathroom wearing his new clothes. At this point Quinn runs over and hugs him.

Quinn: I've missed you so much. Wanna go out with me again?

Chris: Sure why not.

The two hug not thinking all hell is going to break loose. The next day at school people are shocked to see Chris back. They walk by Upchuck who is mad because Sandi is dead and Upchuck had a thing for Sandi.

Upchuck: Those bastards killed Sandi but I'll make them pay.

Later that day Upchuck was in his room when he noticed something a book that said "Who To Summon Demons." Upchuck read out of it how to summon them so he began.

Upchuck: Arise all the evil from hell I need your help.

A rumble began under Upchuck's room and Satan broke out of the ground.

Satan: Who dares summoning me?

Upchuck (shaking): Me sir. I need your help destroying a few people.

Satan: Who is it you want to destroy?

Upchuck: A kid named Chris.

Satan: Correct me if I'm wrong but does he wear a red shirt.

Upchuck: blue jeans, and a black trenchcoat.

Satan: Good I can give you about 10 of my best demons.

Upchuck (mad): 10! I think Chris can deal with 10 demons he's fought off Vampires and Zombies.

Satan: Yes but the demons are stronger than he is and they can possess people making them your slaves.

Upchuck: Well that's better.

Satan: Let me introduce you to my top 10 demons:
10. Beelzebub
9. Lucifer
8. Asustreus
7. Loki
6. Azeral
5. Damien
Wait where are the rest?

Damien: They didn't want to come.

Satan: Damn them.

Asustreus: You already have.

Satan returns to hell. The 6 demons see Upchuck and bow to him.

Loki: What is your bidding master.

Upchuck: I like the sound of master Grrrrrr. First you all will go find Chris and destroy him. Wait better yet turn him into a demon under my control.

Demons: Yes master. (They run off in search of Chris.)

Chris and Quinn are at the mall. Chris is looking around Spencers and Quinn is checking out a fashion store. Chris is walking out of Spencers when the 6 demons fly in from above. They landed in front of Chris.

Chris: No not you guys.

Damien: Well Chris, it's time for you to come to the dark side.

Chris: Bring it Darth.

Damien charges at Chris and kicks him across the mall. Chris gets up but only to be kneed in the gut by Loki. Chris falls back to his knees.

Chris: I never thought I'd have to use this power ever again.

A red flame surrounds Chris and his eyes turn blood red and horns grow out of his head. Loki charges back at Chris but Chris grabs him by the throat.

Loki: Get off me.

Chris (In a very deep and demonic voice): Now you die.

Chris grip becomes tighter crushing Loki's neck. Chris drops him and kicks him through the chest. After seeing this a huge crowd is running out of the mall. Quinn walks out of the store to see what's going on and she sees Chris fighting the demons. Quinn drops the bag of clothes and runs toward Chris.

Chris (seeing Quinn.): No Quinn, run you fool. Get Daria and Jane and a lot of crosses plus ask for some holy water from the church.

Quinn: No I want to help you.

Chris: NOW!!!!!!!

Quinn starts running but Damien catches her.

Damien: Aw Chris is this your girlfriend.

Chris (after killing the other 4 demons.): Put her down you evil fucker.

Damien: No I think I'll keep her.

Chris: Like hell you will.

Chris flies at Damien head-butting him off Quinn.

Chris: Run.

Quinn flees from the scene. She finds Chris's car and races toward her house. Meanwhile Chris and Damien are beating the hell out of each other. Damien gets in a few lucky punches and knocks Chris into the floor. Damien lands next to Chris and picks him up.

Damien: Now to become one of us. POSSESER OF SOULS MIST. A red mist comes out of Damien and goes into Chris's nose. Chris flails around trying to fight it. But then stops. Damien throws him down. Chris gets up the horns and red flame around him is gone and his eyes are cold and lifeless.

Damien: Chris, You will obey the one known as Upchuck.

Chris nods.

Damien: Now lets go possess some people.

The 2 demons fly off to Lawndale and hide in the school's men bathroom.

Damien: When school starts tomorrow we will start possessing people.

Quinn finally arriving home.

Quinn: Mom, Have you seen Daria?

Helen: I think she's over Jane's.

Quinn runs out of the house and starts running down the street. Cut to Jane's room where Daria and Jane are talking.

Daria: Well I'm convinced the life sucks.

Jane: Only in that mind numbing sort of way.

Just then Quinn bursts in the room.

Quinn: Something horrible has just happened.

Daria: Out of eye shadow.

Quinn: No, Chris is fighting demons.

Jane: That kid has one bad history.

Daria: So are you implying we save him.

Quinn: No but we had holy water and crosses that's all he said.

Jane: This looks like another thing we're stuck with.

The next day at school. Chris and Damien exit the bathrooms and walk around the halls. Chris walks by Mack and grabs him and throws him up to a locker then breathes the mist on him. Mack now possessed is going around possessing people. It's now like a disease its starts spreading quicker and quicker. Daria, Quinn, and Jane notice what's happening and they run out of the school.

Daria: It looks like Chris didn't win that fight on the count he's possessing everyone.

Upchuck (from behind them.): Well he should of that before he killed Sandi.

Quinn: You had a thing for Sandi. She would never go out with you. (Fall over laughing.)

Upchuck: Stop laughing at me. Chris, get out here.

Chris suddenly appears.

Chris: Yes master.

Daria, Jane, and Quinn: Master?!

Upchuck: The red head is laughing at me don't bother possessing her just kill her.

Chris: Yes master.

Quinn: Chris, don't listen to him.

Chris stops.

Upchuck: Remember she dumped you before.

Chris starts walking toward her.

Quinn: But Chris, I love you.

Chris stops.

Upchuck: Aw hell, possess her.

Chris's mouth opens. Jane runs over in front of him as the mist comes out. Jane gets hit by the mist and turns into a demon.

Daria: No, Jane.

Daria jumps at Upchuck and goes to kick but Chris grabs her and throws her into Quinn knocking the 2 girls down. Chris walks toward them but from out of nowhere a baseball bat hits Chris in the face sending into Upchuck and Jane. Daria looks up and it's Trent.

Trent: Come on you two let's get out of here.

Trent picks the 2 girls up and they run to his van and the 3 drive away.

Quinn (sobbing): Chris is a henchman now.

Daria: We'll need the holy water and crucifixes like Chris said. Oh and by the way Trent where did you come from?

Trent: I was driving by when I saw Janey getting possessed. I will get who ever are behind this back.

Quinn: Yea, well I'm after the one who turned Chris into a mindless slave.

Daria: I'm going to kill Upchuck.

Trent: By the way where are we going?

Daria: To the church we'll be safe there until we figure stuff out.

Trent: Why is that?

Daria: Demons can't go through a holy place. Then we can buy some holy water and crucifixes.

Trent: Ok to the church.

They arrive at the church and it's empty. Meanwhile in the school everyone has been possessed.

Upchuck (saying to Chris and Damien): Make sure everyone is at the mall by 10:00.

Chris and Damien: Yes master.

The 2 walk off to go tell everyone. Meanwhile at the church Daria, Trent, and Quinn are getting as much holy water and as many crucifixes as they want. They go outside and load the van up.

Quinn: Ok that should be enough. But we have to find out where they are all going.

Daria: I think it's simple I think Upchuck would want to go to the biggest place possible.

Quinn: The mall.

Trent: I think I get it.

Daria: So all we have to do is go to the mall and destroy the one who turned Chris possessed. Then all the people he possessed will turn back and so on and so forth.

Quinn: Woohoo, Chris will be back to normal again and there are some clothes I saw in Old Navy he'd look so cute in.

Daria and Trent look at Quinn with that "You dumbass." look.

Daria: First, we destroy the main demon. Then Quinn, you can take him shopping.

The 3 get into the van and drive to the mall. By now it's around 9:30. They arrive at the mall quarter till 10:00.

Daria: We'll need to go to stores no one will expect us in. Quinn go to Hot Topic, Trent head to KB Toys, and I'll go to Old Navy.

They all spilt up and look out the doors at 9:50 Upchuck, Damien, and Chris walk into the store. They stop right in front of Hot Topic.

Upchuck: Ok this will be our final meeting in Lawndale tomorrow we'll start taking over the state then the world.

Chris: I'm going to KB Toys.

Damien: Why?

Chris: Because they have a Simpsons Series 1 Lisa action figure and that's an easy $55 dollars in my pocket.

Quinn (in her head.): Oh shit she's going to find Trent.

Chris walks away to KB. He walks in and Trent sees him. Trent ducks and crawls toward the back.

Chris: I just called here yesterday I want to know where it is.

Trent jumps up and throws a crucifix at him like a ninja star. Jumps out of the way. He then turns to Trent and starts walking toward him. Trent throws a punch and Chris grabs his fist and Chris opens his mouth and the red starts coming out. Trent screams. Chris walks out of KB with Trent following him.

Chris: Master Upchuck, I've found him in KB.

Upchuck: Who ever sent him could send more. Oh well it's 10:00 and our guests are joining us.

Quinn and Daria get out of their stores and very sneakily run to KB.

Quinn: Lets get some Super Soakers and fill them with holy water that will slow those bastards down. And there might be an easier way to bring Chris back to normal.

Daria: How?

Quinn: Play his favorite song.

Just then a Possessed Mack walks in.

P. Mack: What's this 2 girls not possessed? I'll fix this.

Quinn: Not quite.

Daria and Quinn blasted Mack with the Super Soakers full of holy water. All of a sudden Mack starts to scream and blow up.

Quinn: Alright lets go kill some demons.

Daria: Right. Quinn I got a idea I'll throw a crucifix into Chris's leg that will probably knock him out bring him to Sam Goody and play Paint IT Black.

Quinn: Good idea but I'll the knocking out you do the dragging.

The two proceed to the stage where Upchuck, Chris, and Damien were standing. Daria and Quinn stop.

Daria: Hey Chris, you asshole I bet you couldn't hurt me if you tried.

Chris jumped off the stage and flew at Chris. Quinn threw a crucifix a him and hit him in the leg. Just as the predicted Chris got knocked out.

Quinn: Bring him to Sam Goody I'll take care of the other 2.

Daria runs toward Sam Goody while Quinn runs toward Damien and Upchuck. Quinn pulls out the Super Soaker and sprays down possessed people. She jumps onto the stage.

Quinn: Which of you pricks turned Chris into a mindless slave.

Damien: That would be me.

Quinn: You're dead you demonic ass.

Damien: Well I'm standing right here.

Quinn runs at Damien but Damien grabs Quinn. Quinn turns around and elbows him in the face. Damien stumbles backwards. Quinn jumps at him going to knee him in the face. Damien catches her knee and gives her a bearhug.

Damien: I think I'll keep you until Chris gets back.

Daria had just got to Sam Goody and found a Rolling Stones CD with Paint It Black on it. She gets a CD player and opens it up then Daria puts the CD in and places the headphones on Chris's ear. The song comes on and right after it is done Chris's eyes shoot open. His eyes are no longer lifeless but blood red and angry looking. Chris jumps up.

Chris: Where is Damien? I will kill him without mercy.

Daria: He and Upchuck are on the stage. They are going to announce their plans on taking over the world. Hey wait since your back everyone you possessed will turn back to.

Chris: Wrongo I've got to kill the one who the one who the demons take orders from.

Daria: You mean Upchuck.

Chris: Exactly but you will kill him I'm dealing with Damien.

Daria: Right.

The 2 run back to see Quinn is in a chokehold by Damien.

Chris: You put her the fuck down right now.

Damien: Gladly.

Damien snaps Quinn's neck and throws her to the floor. Chris falls to his knees in rage and puts his head down the red flame surrounds him again the horns return and you see two tears fall from his eyes and hit the floor. But this time a devil tail comes out of Chris's back and when he lifts his head instead of just his pupils being red his whole eyeballs are. Chris stands back up and 2 horns break out of his shoulder blades.

Chris (even more demonic voice than the first time): Now Damien you will pay.

Damien: Oh I'm shaking.

Damien picks up Quinn's lifeless body and starts punching her in the gut. Damien looks up and sees a glowing red fist hitting him in the face through a few dozen stores. Damien goes through them all and Chris follows closely. Daria steps up to Upchuck.

Daria: It's your turn now.

Upchuck: Feisty aren't we Grrrrrr. But before you face me face your friends. Jane and Trent would you come up here and take care of this pest.

Jane and Trent walk up from the crowd and stand in front of Daria blocking her from Upchuck. Upchuck runs away. Trent and Jane advance toward Daria. Daria pulls a holy water balloon out of her jacket and hurls it at the two Lanes making them steam and explode. Daria jumps off the stage and runs toward Upchuck wondering why the other possessed people aren't attacking but then it hits her they have to be commanded. Meanwhile Chris is beating the crap out of Damien.

Chris (while punching): This is what you get for killing my girlfriend.

Damien (coughing up blood): It was just a joke *cough* I can bring her back.

Chris: So can I.

Chris sees a crucifix on the floor. He than realizes they're in Hot Topic. Chris picks it up and jams it right between the eyes of Damien. Damien lets out an ear-piercing scream and explodes. Chris goes back down to his human and falls to his knees crying. Daria has caught up with Upchuck.

Upchuck: Shit dead end.

Daria: Now you will die.

Upchuck: Can't we strike a deal. I know how about you be my right hand lady.

Daria: Go on.

Upchuck: What ever you want. I can get it for you. Just let me live.

Daria walks up to him and kisses him. Daria's heads gets back and she smiles evilly.

Daria: Fine it's settled. YOU DIE.

Daria jumps up and kicks a hole in Upchuck's faces. Upchuck falls dead at Daria's feet. Daria vomits all over Upchuck's corpse. Daria turns around to see Chris carrying Quinn's dead body. Chris puts her down and folds her arms over one and other.

Daria: Why are you so sad? You can just bring her back.

Chris: I know but I'm not really helping them. Sure I can revive them every time they die but I'm just delaying their fate. One day I'm not going to be here and when they die they won't be revived.

Daria: So you're going to let them die.

Chris: I should but I'm not.

Chris chants the words and brings all that are dead back to life. The possessed people are no longer possessed because Upchuck is dead. Quinn's eyes flicker open and sees Chris's face. Quinn shoots up and hugs him.

Quinn: I'm so glad to see you.

Chris: I'm glad to see you too Quinn.

Quinn: Oh and there are these cute clothes I want you to try on at Old Navy.

Chris: Please no.

Quinn (in a deep voice.): You will do it now!!!!

Chris jumps back. Quinn gets up and grabs Chris's arm and drags him to Old Navy. Daria watches Chris get pulled away. Trent and Jane walk up to Daria.

Jane: Well hi Daria.

Daria: So you're back.

Trent: Yea that was a trip.

Jane: What happened to Chris?

Daria: Oh he's being dragged to Old Navy by Quinn.

Jane: I never got that he's a demon and your little sister.

Daria: That is one thing I'll never get.

Meanwhile at Old Navy.

Chris (From the dressing room.): Quinn, You got to be kidding me I can't walk out of the stall like this.

Quinn: C'mon Chris, do it for me.

Chris: Fine.

Chris walks out and is in a tie-dye shirt and parachute pants.

Chris: Quinn, I look like a hippie.

Quinn: I was just joking around.

Chris: Thank God for that. Wanna come to Hot Topic with me Quinn?

Quinn: Sure.

The two go to Hot Topic and Chris picks up a new trenchcoat. Our heroes have no idea what's going to happen a few weeks from now.

The End!