A Nightmare At Lawndale Part 2

Section: Horror/Suspense/Parodies/Crossover A Nightmare On Elm Street/Daria.

Plot: This leaves off where A Nightmare At Lawndale Part 1 leaves off. Chris dies at the end. Freddy killed him with assistance from Sandi. Daria, Jane, and Quinn seek revenge.

This starts off Sandi is at home dreaming about how good it felt to kill Chris.

Sandi (the dream.): Chris is dead finally I thought I would never get rid of him.

Little Girl voices: 1,2 Jay and Silent Bob are going to kick your ass.

Sandi: That's not part of the song.

A voice from behind her: It is in my song.

Sandi turns to see Jay standing behind her.

Jay: Die bitch. Hey you're not bad looking for a little brat.

Jay feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns and sees Silent Bob face down in a puddle of blood yet no one else. Then he feels something go into his back.

Jay: Mother fu.(dies.)

Freddy: You got my glove all bloody. (Shoves Jay off his glove.)

Sandi: You're the best Freddy.

Sandi wakes up. She now has a more evil grin on her face than she ever has.

Sandi: Well that's 2 more down but still 3 to go. Oh finally my wishes are coming together.

The next day at Daria's house.

Jane: I just had a thought what is going to happen to Chris's house?

Daria: I have no clue.

Just then Quinn comes running through the door, with tears coming down her face.


Daria and Jane: What!

Quinn: Yea and two dark shadows ran away from it.

Daria: Crap this isn't good.

Jane: If only we knew how to revive Chris he'd know what to do and destroy Freddy.

Daria: Well we don't know how.

Quinn has now ran up to her room and crying her eyes out.

Quinn (To herself): Freddy you ass I will kill you.

Quinn accidentally cries herself to sleep. In Quinn's dream.

Quinn: Oh no I fell asleep.

Freddy (From behind her.): Yes and now Chris isn't here to save you.

Freddy takes a swipe at Quinn but she fades. Quinn wakes up.

Quinn: That was too close.

Daria goes up to see Quinn after Jane leaves. Daria enters and Quinn is throwing out everything colorful and pulls out a black trenchcoat and puts it on.

Daria: Where did you get that?

Quinn: Chris left it in his will that Me, You and Jane are allowed to go and get stuff from his house.

Quinn turns around and is wearing nothing but black even her lipstick and eye shadow is black.

Daria: You must really miss him.

Quinn: I should never of broke up with him. It's true what they say you never know what you have until you lose it.

Daria: Don't worry Quinn we will get him tonight. Oh and by the way Jane is coming back over at 10:00pm and that's when we go in and destroy Freddy.

10:00pm rolls around and The 3 are ready to fight. Daria pulls out the same sleeping pills that Chris had. The 3 knew what to do and quickly fell asleep. In the dream world Freddy was standing right there waiting for them.

Freddy: So you 3 decided you'd like to see Chris again.

Quinn tried charging at Freddy but Daria held her back.

Daria: You burnt freak we know what to expect this time.

Voice from behind them: You don't expect a thing.

All of a sudden the 3 get grabbed from behind. Daria looks back at Tiffany, Stacy, and Sandi. Sandi's holding Daria, Tiffany is holding Jane, and Stacy is holding Quinn. But then They all let go of them Sandi walks in front of them and holds 2 guns in front of their faces and Stacy and Tiffany have guns up to Daria and Jane's head.

Freddy: Throw the Goth one to me.

Sandi still holding a gun up to Daria and Jane grabs Quinn and shoves her at Freddy.

Daria: So you 2 knew about this.

Stacy and Tiffany: Yep.

Freddy grabs Quinn and pulls her toward him.

Freddy: I'm going to finish what I started. (Licks the side of Quinn's face with a black gross damn tongue.)

Quinn: Ew you gross bastard. (Quinn knees him in the gut.)

Freddy falls to his knees. But Sandi turns around to one side and shoots Quinn in the leg making her fall too.

Daria: QUINN NO!!

Sandi (pointing the gun right between Daria's eyes): You want to try to do anything your brains are going to go pretty far backwards.

Freddy gets up and pulls Quinn up by her hair.

Freddy: Now, off with that sweaty trenchcoat.

Quinn: Don't you dare this belonged to Chris.

Freddy snickers and pulls the trenchcoat off and rips it to shreds.

Freddy: That black shirt doesn't match at all. (Slices the shirt off.) And nether does those long black pants. (Freddy rips those off too.)

Quinn now only in a black bra and panties is crying.

Freddy: And, now for the finishing touches my dear.

Freddy brings his glove back. Quinn closes her eyes and turns her head away. But, the swing never comes. Quinn opens her eyes she sees Daria, Jane, Stacy, Tiffany, and Sandi's jaws are down to their knees. The guns are now not pointed at Daria and Jane's heads but by their feet. Quinn hears Freddy grunt and struggle so she turns to see a glowing white arm holding Freddy's glove back. Quinn looks past Freddy and sees an angel.

Quinn: What the hell?

Angel: You don't recognize me?

Quinn shakes her head. Just then Freddy's arm breaks free and comes down at Quinn's face. But the angel kicks him in the air. Sandi, Tiffany, and Stacy pick their guns up and start shooting at the angel. But the angel puts his hand up in front of the bullets and they stop in mid air. Daria and Jane take a cue to elbow Tiffany and Stacy in the face. The 2 Fashion Drones fall backwards. Sandi turns to see 2 fists punch through her face. Freddy has now got up and charged at Quinn. But Daria jumps over her and puts her boot right into Freddy's neck causing him to fly backwards. Daria turns to see Jane smashing Tiffany and Stacy's head together.

Jane: They attacked me.

Quinn walks over to Freddy and picks him up.

Quinn: I'll see you in hell.

Quinn brings her arm back and punches right through Freddy's face. Quinn was not finish though she drives her heel into Freddy's heart and twists it around. Daria picks up a gun and walks over to Freddy and shoots him in the balls. Jane just laughs as she sees Freddy get ripped apart by the 2 siblings. The Angel is standing there eating Pringles. Quinn turns to the angel.

Quinn: Who are you?

Angel: It's me Chris.

Quinn, Daria, and Jane: WHAT NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Quinn: You look nothing like him.

This is true because instead of wearing the black trenchcoat, blue jeans, and red shirt. He is wearing a white cloak; he has blue eyes, a halo above his head, and a smile on his face.

Chris: I know but do you really think I'd let Freddy rape you.

Quinn: I never knew you could come down from heaven.

Chris: This is a dream anything can happen.

Quinn says nothing but runs over and gives Chris a hug crying on his cloak.

Quinn: We all miss you so much.

Daria: Yea we do but you know you got your house burned down.

Chris: Well Jane killed the two who had done it. (Points to what is left of Stacy and Tiffany.)

Chris gets Quinn off him so he can give them a book. Quinn takes the book and reads the title "Voodoo For Dummies."

Quinn: What's this for?

Chris: How do you think I learned to revive people? Hell you can revive those goons right there if they promise to stop trying to kill me.

The clouds open up above them and a black man comes out of them.

Rufus: Come on Cracker we got a poker game.

Chris: Hold on Rufus.

Daria: That reminds me how'd you get into heaven weren't you a demon?

Chris: Yea but God said since of I've so much good I'm allowed in heaven. Well I'll see you guys when you revive me. (He starts floating up to the clouds.)

Rufus: About time you got back up here.

Chris gets into the clouds and they start closing up.

Quinn: No Chris, don't go.

Daria: Come on Quinn, we need to wake up and revive him.

Jane: And we need to get you in some clothes look at you in your bra and panties.

Quinn blushes in embarrassment. The three girls wake up.

Daria: Well it will only be a matter of time till we see Chris again.

Quinn: I know I can't wait.

The End.