A Nightmare at Lawndale Part 1

Section: Horror/Suspense/Parodies/Crossovers A Nightmare On Elm Street/Daria.

Plot: This basically starts off when Night Of The Living Dead Townspeople. Chris was sleeping and the famous Freddy song started up.

Where we last left off.

Little Girl Voices: 3,4 Better Lock Your Door.

Chris: Oh crap.

Little Girls: 5,6 Grab Your Crucifix 7,8 Gonna Stay Up Late 9,10 Never Sleep Again.

Chris: Well I better get rid of him before he gets to powerful again. Freddy get out here you piece of monkey crap.

Freddy (From behind Chris): I've missed you.

Freddy takes a swipe at Chris. Chris ducks and drives his heel into Freddy's gut. Freddy is barely dazed and punches Chris in the face. He slides down the street. Freddy jumps in the air right over Chris and goes down claws first. Chris rolls out of the way. Chris realizes Freddy is as powerful as the last time they met.

Chris: I'm not going to win this fight.

Chris knowing this hits his head on the street and cut himself badly but he woke up. Although Chris was a wake now he was bleed from a big cut above his eyebrow and screaming in pain.

Chris: This is very bad. I've got to warn everyone but no one will believe me.

That same night at 4:00 am Daria wakes up to Chris knocking on her window. Daria wakes up and walks over to window and opens it still half asleep.

Daria: *Yawn* what do I owe this pleasure Chris it's not like I was SLEEPING or anything?

Chris: If I were you I wouldn't go back to sleep if I were you.

Daria: May I ask why?

Chris: An old friend paid me a visit tonight and trust me he's stronger than Vampire Beavis and Butt-Head (Read Daria The Vampire Slayer.) and Super Zombie Sandi (Read Night Of The Living Dead Townspeople.) combined.

Daria: Is this a joke? You woke me up for that bullshit.

She grabs Chris and tosses him out the window.


Chris: You just broke my damn arm.

Daria pays no attention and goes back to sleep. The next day Daria walks over to Chris's to apologize for break his arm. She knocks on the door and Chris answers his arm in a sling and a huge ass band-aid over his eyebrow.

Daria: Sorry about breaking your arm you just. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR EYE?

Chris: Good ol' Freddy decided to pay me a visit and the only way to get out of the dream when he is in it is to hurt yourself.

Just as they're talking the Fashion Club come running up to Chris with a panic look on their faces. They get to the door out of breath.

Chris: What do you four want?

Quinn: It happened last night.

Stacy: While we were sleeping.

Tiffany: A strange man attacked Sandi in her dream and woke up with this.

Quinn: Sandi show him your back.

Sandi lifted up the back of her shirt and 4 razor like cuts ran down her back.

Chris: It starts.

Sandi: What are you babbling about this time Werewolves?

Chris: No dumbass I know who attacked you in your dream.

Fashion Club: Who?

Chris: Correct me if I'm wrong but was he wearing a dirty brown hat, red and green striped sweater black sweat pants, and a glove with razors on his right hand.

Sandi nodded in horror.

Quinn: He said he wasn't to kill us yet and gave us a note to give to you.

Stacy handed Chris the note. Chris took the note and started reading it.

Note: Chris, You will not beat me this time and you better show up tonight or a few of friends might slip onto my razors. Signed, Freddy Krueger.

Daria: What does it say?

Chris: It says I better show up tonight or he'll start killing my friends.

Daria: Well I'll help destroy him with you tonight Chris.

Jane (walking in the door.): So will I.

Quinn, Stacy and Tiffany: We've got nothing better to do.

Sandi (rolling her eyes): I'm in.

Chris: It's settled we'll meet back here at 9:00 pm.

The Fashion Club left but Daria and Jane stayed behind.

Chris: You guys sure you want to do this you die in this dream you're not waking up unless I do.

Daria: We know but hey if you die we can always steal all your stuff.

Chris: That's really helping.

Daria: Sorry.

Jane: Don't worry Chris I think you'll be able to beat him.

Chris: I hope. Well I'm going down to the mall.

Jane: Why are you doing that?

Daria: I think I know.

Jane: Why.

Daria and Chris: Jay and Silent Bob.

Jane: The 2 stoners?

Chris nods.

Chris: They may be of some help.

Jane: Wasn't he running for prez?

Chris: He lost.

Daria and Jane decided not to go with Chris on the count they didn't really like Jay and Silent Bob.

Chris: Snoochie Boochies.

Jay: Well look who it is Tons Of Fun. (Talking to Silent Bob.)

Chris: I'm probably going die tonight.

Jay: Why is that?

Chris: Well lets just say things aren't looking up.

Silent Bob: Well you know you can't wins all your fights.

Chris agrees and walks home. 9:00 reaches quicker than you think. First Daria shows up. Followed by Quinn: Tiffany and Stacy were next. Jane came after them and then Sandi walked through the door.

Chris: Well this is it. (Pulls out sleeping pills.) These put you to sleep for 2 hours after that you can wake up at anytime you want so if it's getting too intense wake up but I'm not leaving until Freddy's dead.

Chris hands out the pills. They all take them at the same time. In the dream world.

Daria: Where are we?

Chris: Elm Street.

Quinn: Ew look at that awful house.

Chris: Well at least we're not going to be looking a long time for him.

Little Girls: 1,2 Freddy's Coming For You. (You know the rest.)

Chris kicks down the door to the house and walks in. Him and his team are looking for the infamous Freddy.

Chris: Freddy you pussy get your burnt up ass out here and fight me.

Freddy walks out of a corner.

Freddy: No need to yell. And those language shames on you there are ladies present.

Chris: Fuck You, Freddy.

Jane walks up to Freddy and punches him across the face. Freddy just laughs as he knees Jane in the gut and tosses her aside. Jane is knocked out an hour later All the people not unconscious are Chris, Daria, Quinn, and Sandi.

Daria: That's it I'm sick of your crap you burnt bastard.

Freddy: Again with the burnt jokes.

Freddy walks over to Daria and backhands her through a table. It is now after 2 hours and Chris and Freddy are having an intense battle they're both perfectly matched. Freddy gets an elbow in and knocks Chris down. Daria, Jane, Stacy, and Tiffany take a cue from Chris and wake up yet Quinn and Sandi stay. Quinn rushes at Freddy. Freddy steps to the side and grabs Quinn and throws her down. Freddy takes a razor and rips off Quinn's shirt revealing a pink bra.

Freddy: A nice fresh teen oh it's been so long.

Quinn: Get off me you pervert. (She slaps Freddy across the face.)

Freddy: That just lost you another piece of clothing. (Freddy rips off her pants showing that Quinn wears red panties.) And now off with the bra then the panties.

Chris (Running At Freddy.): You sick fuck this is enough. (Kicks Freddy off of Quinn and through the wall. Quinn get out of here. Oh and by the way my room is at the top of the stairs to the right there will probably be something you can wear.

Quinn fades away meaning she's waking up. Back in the real world. Quinn wakes up to she Daria, Jane, Tiffany, and Stacy looking at her.

Daria: Well that must be embarrassing.

Jane: Quinn, Chris does have clothes in his room but there in not in fashion.

Quinn does not say anything but a tear comes out of her eye and she runs to Chris's room. The other 4 girls watch the asleep Chris and Sandi. Back in Freddy's house.

Chris: This is the end Freddy.

Chris looks down at Freddy and grabs his glove and puts it on. He raises it when he is grabbed from behind.

Sandi: Well Chris this is the end isn't it. But not for Freddy but for YOU. (Wicked laughter.)

Freddy: Thanks honey but I've got it from here.

Freddy gets up takes the glove and puts it on. And raises it.

Chris: The two of you together. And I thought I'd die without something like this happening.

Sandi: It's too bad I was starting to like you.

Chris: Oh god.

Freddy then brings hid glove down right into Chris's chest.

Chris: Freddy you fool you may have one the battle but you will not win the war.

Freddy: Chris, shut up and bleed.

Chris's eyes flicker a little than close for good. Sandi feels over his heart.

Sandi: He's dead. YES finally the prick is dead.

Sandi lets go of him and start kicking his dead bloody corpse.

Freddy: Sandi, I have to cut your arm so it looks like you were hurt.

Sandi: Ok.

Freddy cuts her arm and Sandi wakes up. She wakes up to Daria, Jane, Tiffany, and Stacy crying. Then Quinn come down the stairs in a shirt that says " Make The Voices Stop!"

Quinn: What did I miss did Chris win?

Quinn runs over and sees Chris's body all bloody with holes through his chest and slash marks still appearing all over his face. Chris suddenly flips over and his shirt is tore off. And "You All Are Next." Is craved into his back. Quinn falls down to her knees and starts crying on Chris's bloody motionless back.

Daria (wiping her eye): * Sniff * I'll call for the funereal arrangements. Jane, call the morgue, tell them that there is a dead kid here.

Jane (sobbing): Ok.

At the funereal, they played "Paint It Black" as they lowered him into his grave the whole showed up for his funereal.

Priest: We are here today to honor Chris the town hero. His life was cut short by sources unknown. He will be missed.

Daria, Jane, and Quinn stayed the longest.

Quinn: I can't believe he's dead.

Daria: It feels like yesterday he moved in.

Jane: Yea.

Quinn: He saved me from one of the most horrible things.

Daria: What did he save you from?

Quinn: Freddy was about to rape me when Chris kicked him off me and through a wall.

Jane: So that's why your clothes were falling off.

The 3 hear something and glance over in that direction. They see Jay and Silent Bob making their way to Chris's grave. The 5 just stand there looking at each other not saying a word.

Jay: Man that was the only kid that I liked. Now he goes and fights and gets his ass sliced up.

Quinn: How'd you know he got sliced up?

Jay: Shit we were standing in the background.

Quinn: WHAT. You were standing there and you didn't attempt to save him. I'll kill you.

Quinn jumps at Jay and Silent Bob but is held back by Jane and Daria who are now looking very pissed.

Jay: Hey but he was about to win.

Daria, Jane, and Quinn: Huh.

Jay: Yea he was about to stab him in the face with his own glove but that brown haired chick ran behind him and grabbed him. Then Freddy must of saw us because we were about to jump in a kick that girl's ass but he made the floor break away under us.

Daria: But Sandi was the last person to come out. So that means.

Quinn: Sandi helped kill Chris!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay: Yea basically. But don't tell Sandi because Lunchbox and I are going to beat the shit out of her in her dream tonight.

Quinn: Good you do that Daria, Jane, and I will take care of her and Freddy tomorrow night. When we sleep again.

Daria and Jane: Hell yea.

Jay: Well see ya.

The 5 go their separate ways getting ready what they have in store for the 2 bastards. (The Freddy Song plays and the picture fades out.)

To Be Continued.