Night Of The Living Dead Townspeople
By: MFC (

Section: Horror/Suspense

Plot: Hatred Sandi has toward Chris comes to a full out battle when Sandi learns how to become a powerful zombie and starts turning others into zombies. It looks like The D Team is up to their Asses in zombies this time. (The D Team means The Daria Team.) Plus you find out Chris's true origin all the other stories of how he got his powers are bull. (I'll give warning I'm going to make this one graphic so if you are easily grossed out don't read this.

It was the Monday after Halloween. (We all know what happened there.) (Read Daria The Vampire Slayer.) Chris, Daria and Jane are walking down the hall. They run into the Fashion Club.

Sandi: Watch where you going you gothic moron.

Chris: I guess although I can sense Vampires I can't sense bitches with bad style and clothing.

Sandi: Well Gee, did you search deep in your powers to come up with that one?

Chris shakes his head and walks to his acting class, while Sandi is standing there more pissed off than ever.

Sandi: I swear I'm going to beat that kid at his own game.

Tiffany: I knooooow Sandi you will show him.

Sandi: Do you ever realize that you always sound stoned?

Tiffany: No.

Quinn: You know Sandi after a few months of seeing him. I hate him again.

Stacy: Cool Quinn is on our side again.

Sandi: Ok after school over come over I need you to help me with something that will stop Chris and hopefully kill him. (Demonic laugh.)

That day at Sandi's house.

Sandi: Ok Quinn you brought what I asked for.

Quinn: Hey but why do you need a hamster.

Sandi didn't answer she just starts reading out of a book called "How To Become A Zombie For Dummies."

Sandi: Give me the hamster. (Ok you know where this is going.)

Quinn: Ew that's gross you actually drank that.

Sandi: Now all of you give me a drop of your blood.

Quinn, Tiffany, and Stacy don't argue they do as they are told. Sandi drinks their blood too. She starts glowing her eyes turn a dark green. Her skin peels and is a gray color.

Quinn: Are you all right?

Sandi: I'm fine now.

She dives on Quinn and bites a chunk out of her neck. Tiffany and Stacy watch in horror as their friend is bleeding to death.

Stacy: What did you do?

Sandi: Well basically what I'm going to do to you two.

Sandi proceeds to tear the other two apart.

Sandi: Now that they are infected they will proceed to infect more and more people.

After this happens at Daria's house. The family is sitting at home Jake going insane about the new rule no picking fights with the elderly. Helen is yelling at the person on the phone. And Daria is reading a newspaper when Quinn stumbles in a pale gray color with the same dark green eyes like Sandi's.

Daria: Quinn you over did it on the make-up.

Quinn: Brains.

Daria: Kiss my ass Fashion Drone.

Quinn: Brains I need brains.

Daria: Amen to that.

Quinn suddenly jumps on Jake and rips a chunk out his neck she then her hand through Jake's ears and pulls out his brains and starts eating it. She does the same with Helen. Daria horrified with what she had just seen ran out of the house.

Daria: Now who would know how to handle this?

At that moment Jane runs into Daria.

Jane: Daria, Stacy just broke into the house. She had pale gray skin and dark green eyes. She jumped on Trent and.

Daria: Bit a chunk out of his neck and pulled his brain through his ear.

Jane (shocked): How'd you know?

Daria: Quinn just did it to my mom and dad.

Jane: Lets discuss this with Chris.

The 2 run into the house without bothering to knock. When they see Chris playing his guitar.

Daria: Isn't that Nowhere Man by The Beatles.

Jane: Why Daria you win the grand prize.

Chris (Stopped playing guitar.): Why are you guys here?

Daria: It looks like there is someone turning people into zombies.

Chris: Zombies?

Jane: Yes zombies uh the living dead, the undead. You get the fucking point.

Chris: Yes I'm just playing with you guys.

They are talking when there is a large banging on the door. Chris answers it. It was Upchuck he was the exact same description as Daria and Jane told Chris.

Chris: Daria would you be a dear and pass me my sword.

Daria does not hesitate and throws him the sword. Chris takes this opportunity and slices Upchuck's head off and slams the door.

Chris: There are a few ways to kill zombies if you slice of their head, if anything goes right through their head, and if you break their neck.

Jane: You know an awful lot about movie monsters.

Chris: Well I haven't been completely honest. I'm not really here to get away from vampires I'm a demon who got kicked out of hell.

Daria: Then why don't crosses and holy water kill you?

Chris: I haven't told you the reason I got kicked out of hell. I was a nice demon helping everyone and Satan got sick of it and put me on Earth.

Jane: Bullshit!

Chris: Check this out. (Takes out black contacts to reveal blood red glowing eyes.)

Daria: Holy Shit. Oh yea lets get back some more important things like getting all the zombies back to normal.

Chris: Same way as the vampires.

Jane and Daria: Shit.

Chris: We don't need training just a shit load of weapons. Which I'm sorry to say is I don't have many zombie fighting ones. But I know a good place in town.

Daria: Well let's go.

The 3 walk out Chris is the only one with a weapon his sword but for some reason he's bringing his guitar. Daria finds a car.

Daria: Ok Chris you can drive.

Chris: Uh.

Jane: You can't drive.

Chris: I'm sorry I just have more important things to do.

Daria: Will you 2 shut the fuck up? (Takes the driver's seat and starts the car up.)

Chris leads them to a store called "Nuke'em". Chris breaks the down the door and realizes there in gun heaven.

Chris: Grab what you want.

Daria grabbed a sawed off shotgun, a few machine guns, and a M-16. Jane on the other hand grabbed mini-gun (the kind of gun with about 10 barrels go around.), about 5 pistols, and a rocket launcher. Chris emerges from the back with a Bazooka, grenades, a Grenade launcher, and a few shotguns.

Chris: Turns out the owner likes explosive guns as much as I do.

Daria: There's no time to talk lets kill the head zombie.

They walk out and group of them walking toward the school. Chris tells Daria and Jane act like them and see what's going on. They got to the school and wasted a few zombies.

Chris: I'm going up to the stage. Be sure when I start singing find a safe place like outside.

Daria: Excuse me.

Chris: Just do as I say.

Chris started sneaking his way to the stage and killing zombies like Trent, Jesse, Nick, and Max. He gets up on the stage.

Chris: How's everyone doing?

Zombie crowd: Brains.

Chris: Yes you're a beautiful crowd. (Throws up.) (To himself) God they smell worse than the food in my refrigerator.

Chris started to play "Run For Life" by The Beatles. But this pissed the Zombies off and they charged at the stage. Chris saw Daria and Jane shaking their heads.

Chris: Everyone's a damn critic.

Chris starts up again this time with "Detroit Rock City" By Kiss. (Insert the tune of Kiss's Detroit Rock City.

Chris: I'm uptight on a Saturday night. 9:00 clock the radio's been on tonight. I hear that song and it pulls me through and I'll tell you what I got to do. Get up everybody's going move their feet. Get down everybody's going leave their seat. Got to lose your mind in Detroit Rock City. (I don't know the rest of the words to the song.)

The zombies stop charging and start dancing.

Daria: Isn't this where we should start running.

Jane (dancing): No I think he said something to me about Let The Bodies hit the floor.

After the song is over the zombies start charging at Chris.

Chris: Now who said I was done. (Shoots a couple zombies with a shotgun.)

Voice: We did.

Emerging from the corners proved it to be The Fashion Club. They all had pale skin and glowing green eyes.

Chris: Whoa that's a really bad look for you.

Sandi: Shut up and die.

Chris: If you're trying to make fun of me it's shut up and bleed.

Sandi: Shut up!!!!!!!!! (She charges at Chris and punches him into the bleachers, which fall down on him.)

Daria: Looks like we're on our own.

Jane (unloading rounds into zombie's heads.): Huh.

Daria: Never mind just keep killing them.

Sandi: Go ahead Daria fight them all you want you will never beat them all.

Quinn: Indeed.

Sandi: Say hi to the ones who zombiefied this town. (Points to the over 3 Fashion Club members.)

Daria: Damn.

Daria and Jane pull out their machine guns and mini-gun and start dropping zombies 5 at a time. The zombies start surrounding them.

Daria: It is no use they're going to kill us.

Voice: Let The Bodies Hit The Floor, Let The Bodies Hit The Floor, Let The Bodies Hit The.FLOOR! (Insert Let The Bodies Hit The Floor by: Drowning Pool.) Rockets start flying into 10 zombies at a time.

Sandi: Where is that coming from?

(Emerging from bleachers playing the guitar) Chris: Me. (Continues singing.)

When the song is over a few zombies are left. Daria and Jane take care of them.

Sandi: I'm so sick of you ruining my plans Tiffany kill him. No wait just turn him into a zombie.

Tiffany: Riiiiiiiiight.

She charges at Chris. Chris counters with a knee and points his shotgun in her face and pulls the trigger. Tiffany's brains are now on the wall. Chris throws her aside.

Sandi: Stacy, your turn.

Stacy runs at Chris jumps over and behind her and rips her head off and runs to half court. He throws it at a basketball hoop and it goes in.

Chris: Hell yea I'm good I'm good.

Chris walks to Stacy's head.

Chris: Touchdown!

Chris spikes Stacy's head into the ground causing blood and brains to splatter all over. Daria and Jane are just watching in shock.

Daria: Jane remind me never to piss Chris off again.

Jane: As long as you remind me the same.

Sandi: Now for my right hand member go Quinn.

Quinn charges at Chris and kicks the shotgun out of his hands. She head butts him. Quinn lifts Chris up.

Chris: Sorry about this.

Quinn: About what.

Chris punches a hole through Quinn's head. He falls to the ground since Quinn let him go.

Sandi: If you want something done right do it yourself.

Sandi charges at Chris. Chris goes for a punch and misses Sandi then uppercuts him and kicks him through the gym doors. She grabs his head and repeatedly bangs it on the ground.

Sandi: Die you gothic fuck.

Chris responds to that insult with an elbow in the face. Sandi falls backward and the fight goes to Chris's favor. But is quickly return to Sandi's advantage when Chris misses a kick.

Sandi: Now you'll become my slave.

Just as she's about to bite down she starts getting holes in her. This is because Daria and Jane are pumping her full of shotgun bullets. Chris takes this chance to punch a hole in her head. Sandi falls to the ground. And almost a minute later her skin turns to normal Daria and Jane check the gym everyone else's skin is normal too.

Chris: I know what I have to do. But I'll rise then to a good song. (Starts singing Paint It Black.)

So everyone is revived including Sandi. But is met quickly by Quinn, Tiffany, and Stacy.

Sandi (scared): H. Hi. guys.

Quinn punches Sandi in the face followed by Tiffany and Stacy. Daria and Jane are sitting there laughing their Asses off.

Daria: This is a true Kodak moment.

Jane: Amen to that.

Chris: Now for Mystic Spiral or Helpful Corn.

Mystical Spiral gets up on the stage and Chris walks to the lobby and sees Sandi getting her as whooped.

Chris: Well I'm having a good time.

Sandi: Please help me I've got money.

Chris: Fine Quinn, Tiffany, and Stacy get off her.

The 3 get off Sandi.

Chris: Well I guess you learned not to mess me.

Daria: Yea on the count he's a .

Chris shakes his head.

The gym was rocking until 3 in the morning when Chris got home and went to sleep. In his dream.

Chris: What am I doing in front of this house?

Little Girl voices: 1,2 Freddy's Coming For You, 3,4 Better Lock Your Door.

Chris: Oh.

The End

Daria: Yea of this story.