The Goth Kid
By: MFC (I don't like using my real name.)
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Section Parody/Horror/Romance

A strange new kid moves into to Lawndale named Chris Donnelly. And mysteriously Lawndale students disappearing and it's up to Daria, Jane, and Quinn to find out who it is.

It was Friday The 13th. Daria and Jane were watching Sick Sad World.

TV: What happens when Iguanas get high next on Sick Sad World.

Daria: I've seen this one want to go somewhere.

Jane: No arguments here.

The two walks out as they're doing this a moving truck pulls into a house across the street. A moving guy guys gets out of the driver's seat and a kid with short brown hair, black eye contacts, and a red shirt, blue jeans, and a black trenchcoat walks out of the passenger side.

Daria: Hey a new kid lets go talk to him.

Jane: Ok.

But the as soon as Daria and Jane got across the street the Fashion Club was already talking to him.

Quinn: Hi I'm Quinn what's your name.

Kid: Chris.

Sandi: I'm Sandi

Stacy: I'm Stacy

Tiffany: I'm Tiffany

Chris: Hi

Sandi: You know Chris we can make you popular just stick with us.

Chris (sarcastically): I'm jumping with joy.

Sandi: Or if you keep that attitude we can make you so unpopular you will want to move.

Chris: Go to Hell

Quinn: What did you say, you know were the most popular girls in the town.

Chris: Did you know I don't give a shit?

Daria (standing there listening to the conversation): I like this kid already.

Jane: He does have a way with people.

The Fashion Club leaves after a while. Daria and Jane walk up to Chris.

Daria: Hi

Chris: Hi

Daria: I'm Daria and this is Jane (points to Jane)

Chris: I'm Chris

Jane: So I take it you don't like the Fashion Club.

Chris: It would appear that way.

Daria: Well you're smart I'll give you that.

Chris: Thanks.

Later that night Daria and her family were eating dinner.

Helen: Do you know a kid moved in next door?

Daria: Yea, Quinn got the honors to meet him.

Quinn: That kid's an asshole.

Daria: No I just think he has common sense.

Quinn: I don't talking about this I'm going to my room.

Daria is walking to her room. When Quinn calls her in.

Daria: What do you want?

Quinn: Can I tell you a secret?

Daria: Sure.

Quinn: Promise not to tell.

Daria: Now whom the hell am I going to tell.

Quinn: Now about that Chris kid, well.... ummm... I have a crush on him.

Daria (eyes widen): Wow that deep.

The next day at school, The Fashion Club was walking around the school like they owned it as usual. Chris was at his locker. He was having trouble opening it. Chris didn't ask for help he just ripped the locker door off. Daria and Jane walked up to Chris.

Daria: I see you don't like locker that don't open.

Chris (smiles): You read me like a book.

Jane: Well we better get to class.

The three walked off to History. Meanwhile in the girls room the Fashion Club is devising a plan.

Sandi: I say we make that kid Chris wish he never pissed off the Fashion Club.

Tiffany and Stacy: Yea

Quinn: I don't think that is such a good idea.

Sandi: Why is that?

Quinn: Because he's really weird I think he may be in to voodoo or something. He could probably kill us if he wanted to.

Sandi: Gee Quinn It sounds like you like him. Besides he's not that evil

Quinn: Don't be stupid of course I don't like him he's a major Goth kid and I'm popular even if I did like him it would never work.

Sandi: Whatever here's what we do (starts whispering a plan.)

Later at lunch, Daria, Jane, and Chris sit down and started eating lunch when the Fashion Club walked over.

Chris: What do you want?

Sandi: Well I'm just coming to say I'm sorry about being so rude to you yesterday. On behalf of the Fashion Club we'd like to give you this cupcake as a token of friendship.

Chris (thinking): Mmmmmmmmmm... cupcakes what the hell are you waiting for cut the Goth crap and the f*cking cupcake it's better than this school food.

Chris takes the cupcake and the Fashion Club walks off. When the Fashion Club was far enough from the table they all start laughing (except Quinn).

Sandi: He doesn't know we put laxative in that cupcake.

Tiffany: He'll be surprised.

Stacy: Yea.

Back at the lunch table...

Daria: Are you really going to eat that?

Chris: Why do you want it?

Daria: No.

Chris: Ok. (Eats the cupcake.)

Chris: Oh my stomach hurts now.

Jane: Are you going to be ok?

All of a sudden got up and ran to the bathroom.

Chris (In the bathroom stall): Those bitches put laxative in the cupcake.

That night, Sandi is in her room when she heard a noise outside.

Sandi: Who's there?

No answer. Sandi thinks nothing of it and goes back to watching TV when she hears it again. Sandi now somewhat scared opens the front door. And sees no one's there. She turns around right into a big dark person whom she can't see the face of.

Big mysterious person: Time to die, bitch. (He takes off a mask he was wearing.)

Sandi: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! No not you!

He chases Sandi around the house until he corners her. He tackles Sandi to the floor. He then pulls out a knife. (Insert brutal killing sequence.)

Even later that night, there is a knock at Chris's door. Chris answers it is Daria and Jane are at the door.

Chris: Come in

Daria and Jane walk in.

Daria: So Chris what are you doing?

Chris: I'm watching TV

Jane: What are you watching?

Chris: The Simpsons.

Daria: You actually like that show?

Chris: I was just watching it to make fun it. (Turns the TV to Sick Sad World.)

Daria: So what are your favorite colors?

Chris: Hmm I wonder (He's wearing the red shirt, blue jeans, and a black trench coat.)

Chris: Is this question Chris night.

Daria: No I just know someone who likes you.

Jane and Chris (shocked): You do.

Daria: I've already said too much. (She gets up and leaves.)

Jane: Well I guess I'll leave too since we got school tomorrow. (She leaves too.)

Chris walks to his room as he is doing so he spins his head around like the Exorcist. The next day at school, Chris walks to his locker but he notices the Fashion Club is crying and one of the members I missing. Chris was at his locker messing with the combination. When Kevin and Mack walk up to him. Mack picks Chris up and slams him against the locker.

Chris: Get the hell off me.

Mack: Not until I get the truth.

Chris: What are you babbling about?

Mack: Did you know that Sandi Griffin was murdered last night?

Chris: No.

Mack: It was also known that yesterday she played a trick on you.

Chris: Yes she did.

Mack: In other words the word around the school is you killed Sandi.

Chris: I've got better things to do.

Chris grabs Mack arms and throws him into a locker and walks off.

Kevin: You scared him away Mack Daddy.

Mack: Don't call me that.

It's lunchtime and Chris sits down at the table he normally sits at ignoring everyone whispering about him. Daria and Jane sit down next to him.

Daria: Chris we know you didn't kill her we were over your house last night.

Jane: Yea and we're going to find out who did.

Chris: why?

Daria: We're bored as hell.

The 3 were just about done when the F.C. (you know who I mean.) came up to them. When Stacy slapped Chris in the face.

Stacy (yelling): MURDERER.

Chris rubs his face a gets up and walks away.

That evening Mack is sitting at home playing a Blitz on N64 when there is a knock at his door and a knife comes down and stabs him right between the eyes. 10 minutes later Stacy was sitting in her room looking at her photo album, when she hears a window scatter at the bottom of the stairs. She walks down there and sees scattered glass all over the floor. Stacy is now getting worried. Just then she feels a sharp pain in her back. She rubs her back and feels blood and a sharp metal. She just realizes it but she was stabbed. The guy throws her off the knife and walks away.

Later that evening, Daria hears from Quinn that Stacy and Mack were killed. Jane and Daria start talking about it.

Jane: Don't you find it weird that all the victims had an argument with Chris same day that they are killed.

Daria: Yea I see what you mean. But hey half the F.C. is dead.

Jane: Remember when Chris moved all the F.C. pissed him off. Which means Tiffany and Quinn are probably next on his list? Quinn's scream comes from the other room. Daria and Jane run to see what happened.

Daria: What's wrong Quinn can't find your lipstick?

Quinn: No I just got a call Tiffany was killed.

Daria and Jane glance at each other.

Quinn: Jane may I speak to Daria in private for a moment.

Jane: Sure. (She walks outside the door listening in on the conversation.)

Quinn: Daria I don't think Chris is the one killing all those people I think some one is framing him.

Daria: What makes you say that? Oh yea your crush.

Quinn: No I've been spying on him. When he's around people he acts like a Goth. But, When he's alone he's every peaceful. He's not wearing red and black. He wears shirts that he made with sayings like "I Stole This Shirt From A Dead Hobo." And I'm going to prove he's not the murderer.

Daria: Wow that was the longest thing you've ever said that didn't involve my popularity or you were asking me for something.

Just then Jane burst in the room.

Jane: Quinn you've got a crush on Chris that funny as hell.

Quinn: That reminds me where are everyone's parents in this story.

Daria: They're on vacation.

Then they heard a glass break. Then they heard footsteps.

Daria: Well Quinn lets see if you're right.

They walk down and see the murderer advancing toward them. Jane I'll take care of him. She runs up and kicks him in the face he stumbles. Jane goes for another kick but is thrown into a wall.

Daria: Quinn, get upstairs and dial 911.

Daria runs at the killer and rips the mask off his head.

Daria and Quinn: It's Kevin.

Kevin: Yes I'm the murderer. I'm the framing Chris.

Quinn: Why?

Kevin: I have no idea.

Kevin then throws his knife and hits Daria in the leg. Kevin pulls out another one.

Kevin: Now the Fashion Club will be no more.

Just then Chris ran in the house and speared Kevin. Kevin punched Chris in the face but Chris was not affected. Chris started to pummel Kevin's face in. Kevin threw Chris off him. Then pulled out a knife and threw it at Chris's face. Chris caught it in the nick of time.

Chris: Is this for me aw you shouldn't have.

Throws it right back at Kevin hitting him right between the eyes. Kevin fell dead to the ground. Chris then walked over to Daria and pulled the knife out of her leg. Then placed his hand over the wound and healed it.

Quinn: How did you do that?

Chris: I practice voodoo.

Chris: Now if you excuse me I have to revive some people.

Quinn (surprised): YOU CAN REVIVE PEOPLE.

Chris: yes.

Quinn ran over to Chris and hugged him plus (insert very romantic kiss). So Chris revived all the people who died. Chris and Quinn are now dating. Daria is upset because now Chris isn't the cool Goth any more. He is now the most popular kid in school.

Daria: Just goes to show you Life is hell.

The End!