Disclaimer: I don't own Daria or Sailor Moon so don't bother suing me.
Summary: A bizarre dimension hole causes some of the Daria characters and some of the Sailor Moon characters to switch places!
Characters who switch places:
Brittany/Serena (A.K.A. Sailor Moon)
Jane/Amy (A.K.A. Sailor Mercury)
Jodie/ Raye (A.K.A. Sailor Mars)
Daria/ Lita (A.K.A. Sailor Jupiter)
No one/ Mina (A.K.A. Sailor Venus) (None of the Daria characters fit the job besides Quinn and Brittany but I've got Brittany as Sailor Moon and I have another job for Quinn)
No one/ Hotaru (A.K.A. Sailor Saturn)
No one/ Trista (A.K.A. Sailor Pluto)
No one/ Amara (A.K.A. Sailor Uranus)
No one/ Michelle (A.K.A. Sailor Neptune)
Kevin/ Darien (A.K.A. Tuxedo Mask)
No one else switches places.
A.N. = Author's note
Rated PG ( For almost swearing)
Sailor Switch
By CrazyInsaneAnimeFanGirl
In the Daria dimension
Daria: ~is walking to school with Jane, when a portal thing opens up~ Huh?
Jane: What?
Daria: ~points~ What's that?
Jodie: ~walks up~ It seems to be a strange dimensional hole.
Brittany: ~walks up with Kevin~ In English please Jodie.
Jodie: ~_~ (A.N. ~_~ = eyes rolling)
Dimension hole: ~sucks them up~
Everyone who was sucked up: AHH!!!!!
Everyone who wasn't sucked up: O_o
Suddenly another dimension hole opens up and drops a bunch of people.
People (A.K.A. Sailor Moon and everyone): AHH!!!!!!!!!!!
In the Sailor Moon Dimension
Mina and the Outer Scouts (A.K.A. Hotaru,Trista,Amara, and Michelle): O_o (A.N. O_o= Freaked out)
Daria: Who the (bleep) are you? (A.N. I don't like swearing)
Mina: Uh....
Suddenly a monster appears!!!!!
Amara: We have to transform!!! URANUS CRYSTAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle: NEPTUNE CRYSTAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trista: PLUTO CRYSTAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!
Hotaru: SATURN CRYSTAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mina: VENUS CRYSTAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daria,Jane,Jodie,Brittany,and Kevin: O_o
So the Sailor Scouts try to destroy the monster but they can't because the other Scouts aren't there.
Luna (the black cat): Here, um, other people! Take these items and use them to transform into the other Scouts!!! The words will come to you, now HURRY!!!!!
The Daria People: Um, okay!!!!
Daria: JUPITER CRYSTAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jodie: MARS CRYSTAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane: MERCURY CRYSTAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brittany: MOON ETERNAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So they transform!!!!
Daria: ARGH!!! Why is my hair in a ponytail!?
Jodie: I do NOT approve of these outfits!!!
Jane: What do I do with this computer thing!? I can't work it!!!!!
Brittany: Ohhhhhh Pretty stick thing!!!!
Kevin: So uh... Cat, what do I do?
Luna: You take this rose and become Tuxedo Mask!
Kevin: How do I use a rose!?
Daria: Okay, How do I attack? ~words come to her~ Um, JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION!!!!!
Jodie: ~words also come to her~ Okay, MARS FLAME SNIPER!!!!!!!!!
Jane: ~take a guess~ Cool! MERCURY AQUA RHAPSODY!!!!!
Monster: ~attacks Brittany~
Brittany: EEP!
Suddenly a rose comes and stops the attack.
Kevin: ~somehow managed to become Tuxedo Mask~ I've come to save you, babe!
Brittany: ~eyes turn into hearts~ Oh, Kevin! You're my hero!!!!
Kevin: Thanks babe!
Brittany: Now to finish off this mean monster! (A.N. Oh man where did I come UP with this stuff!?) STARLIGHT HONEYMOON THERAPY KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~destroys the monster~
Sailor Venus: You did it! You did it!
Brittany: Thanks, but how do we get home?
Luna: There's a portal right there! If you go through it, you can gohme and Serena and the others can come back!
Brittany: Thank you! Bye!
They go through the portal and are back in their own dimension, but are still the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask~
Everyone else: O_O ~faints~
In the Sailor Moon dimension, Serena and the othes are back but.....
Serena: ~is wearing Brittany's cheerleader uniform~
Amy: ~is wearing Jane's clothes~
Raye: ~is wearing Jodie's clothes~
Lita: ~is wearing Daria's clothes~
Darien: ~is wearing Kevein's football uniform~
The End!
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