locker trouble

disclamer: i dont own daria or any of the afiliated characters so stop whining and work on the dvds mtv

summary: our two cynics both have a secret little do they know they both share it. only short but it is my first give me a chance

scene: lawndale high lots of lockers and lots of pink posters with valentines day messages on. daria trying to open locker

(jane walks up absentminded)
jane: hey
daria: hey (opens locker two cards and a present falls out)
jane: you to huh? whos the other one from cuz im sure one was from upchuck... i think every girl around got one from him.
(daria opens the cards one was indeed from upchuck she immediately throws this away the other is a copy of "through the looking glass" ) dunno it doesnt say it seems like they realy knew me though iv wanted this for a while now. (daria gives her mona lisa smirk)

jane(v/o):she liked it im so glad it took me ages to find it i just hope she doesnt figure out i snuck in here early to put the card and book in her locker.
jane: you have a stalker too huh?

daria: well did your stalkers decide there was a need to get anything for you?

jane: yeh i got a card that read "to my sweet heart i only hope these may allow you to make more beautiful art in the future although none can compare to you" with no name a box of what seems to be high end artist tools and some noise cancelling earmuffs.
looks confused) its weird well i geuss it cant be that hard to figure out? only reason someone would get me the earmuffs is if they knew trent had gotten himself a new amp for christmas. what i realy want to know though is how they got the set past the metal detectors

daria(v/o):she liked them now i just need to figure out who gave me this book and hope i dont blush and give myself away.
daria:well those metal detectors only worked for about a week then they got turned off too much drain and the bill nearly gave Miss Li a heart attack apparently. lets go we have an hour of our collective hell with Mr O'neill then we can leave.

scene: Mr O'neills class typical be happy posters on wall.

(mr O'neill is giddyer than usual)
M o'neill: well class seeing as today is the most wonderful of days, valentines day we will be disscussing love in the play "twelth night" a romantic and tear jerkingly beautiful play would anyone care to give me an example hmmmm (you know whats coming) yes you daria?

daria:(sighs) well one kind is unrequited love which is where one person doesnt love the other for example "cesario" and "olivia". because "cesario" doesnt love "olivia" (deadpans) well the wedding night would have been quite the surprise if they had ever hit it off.

jane (v/o) huh was she hinting something?
kevin: wow this cesario guy sounds pretty cool. do you think he played football?
daria:(deadpans) yes im sure he would have been a very welcomed and popular part of the team
(jane, upchuck, jodie and mack all burst out laughing at this(and even Mr O'neill chuckles slightly)(theyre the only ones to pay any attention to the story)the rest of the class just wonders why the brains are laughing )

kevin: cool!

miss li: (off screen) would all staff come to the teachers lounge for the annual valentines day budget meeting all classes are dissmissed for the remainder of the day.

cut to teachers lounge: party in pink and red with lots of hearts and wine all around.
cut back to class
mr O'neill: ah well class off you go we will pick this up later hurry along now i dont want to be late for the par...i mean budget meeting.

(daria and jane get up and leave then head to their lockers take out their presents and go through the doors.)

scene, typical generic suburban roads (you dont realy need me to describe it do you?)

jane: so wanna come over watch sick sad world for a while? maybe i can test these bad boys out while im at it (motions hand towards the art set in her hands)
daria: sure i cant go home till late today anyway the great evil overlords have paid me to stay out today
jane and daria (v/o) yes! do i tell her or do i keep it a secret tell it? secret? aaaaaaah i wish i could see into her head sometimes.

scene: casa de lane interior, janes room jane attacking canvas with paint daria reading her book.

trent nocks on the door
trent (off screen): hey janey can i come in i need a word
jane: sure come on in.
trent: whoa new art set huh whered you get the cash? i thought you were strapped for cash
jane:i didnt pay for it i found it wrapped up in my locker after lunch
trent: anyway i need a word (realises darias in the room)hey dar...never mind it can wait till were alone janey
(daria gets up mutters something along the lines of "bathroom" and walks out)

jane: so what did you wanna say? she had the chilli at lunch shes gonna be a while
trent:(looks around) well are you planning on asking daria out im pretty sure you like her (jane blushes)
jane:how did you figure out i liked her?
trent:im not completely oblivious and im pretty sure she feels the same way
jane:well thats one of us convinced
trent:just think about it i just want you two to be happy k im gonna go catch up on the sleep i missed out on last night napping.

trent walks out as daria walks in

cut to clock. the clocks hands start spinning out of control showing a passage of a few hours before stopping
zoom out : see daria getting onto bed
daria: whats up with the clock its going realy funny?
jane:oh no not again.
daria: wanna go get a pizza?
jane: sure you suggested it so your paying.
daria: fine it will have to come out of my bribe the bank of daria is wiped out after i got some things.
jane/daria (v/o): i wonder why she's strapped for cash... she couldnt have ? could she? noo im just wishing here.

jane does a few last stroaks to her as yet unseen masterpeice

jane(v/o):iv finished my painting now all iv got to do is tell her or burn the painting.
jane: actually i think we need to talk before we go grab a pizza.
(daria goes wide eyed and grabs her book)
daria(v/o): oh god she knows! and shes going to... iv got to get out of here before i cry.

(daria runs out the the lane residence tears in her eyes)

jane (v/o): gah iv got to go after her and get it out or ill never be able to look her in the eyes again.i didnt think she would take it that bad.
jane runns out pan to show painting of jane and daria standing together holding hands in a bubble outside of which are various cast members considered morons by the pair (brittany, kevin, miss li ect)

scene morgendorffer residence living room
daria runs through the door panting and locks it
jake:god darn it daria we paid you to stay out today
(daria throws money at jake and helen on the couch and runs up to her room and locks herself in)
jake:(seductive voice) ok now where were we? (doorbell rings) gah! why cant we get left alone today?

jake gets up straightens his tie and shirt and opens the door to see jane keeling over and gasping for air

jane: sorry can i (gasps) see daria (pant pant).
jake: yeh go up but please no more interuptions and if you go out please sneak out and try not to disturb us
(jane looks disturbed by this and runs up to darias door trys to open it but only to find its locked)

jane:daria open up its me janey.
daria (offscreen)(sobbing): go away we both know if this is out in the open that we wont be able to look each other in the eye anymore and i cant do that.... i dont want to lose you
jane: c'mon dar let me in we need to talk

daria unlocks the door and quickly retreats to her bed gets in and carrys on sobbing jane comes in and sits next to daria

daria:well say it... that you hate your best friend for being in love with you and for giving you that art set!
daria then jumps up kisses jane and then covers herself up with the blanket. janes eyes widen and she starts to cry realising they feel the same way

jane:wow dar i dont hate you i...(mumbled jibberish)
jane: oh god why is it so hard to say this iv never found it this hard before ...i ...(more jibberish)

daria: huh? (gets up and turns around facing jane)
jane: (shouts and throws her arms around daria) i love you for crying out loud!

daria wraps her arms around jane both of them in tears. jake and helen stand in the door way unnoticed with helen wiping tears out of her eyes too.

jake:(whispers) shh lets go before they realise we heard all that and prepair some dinner for there comeing out... actually lets just order a pizza
helen:(tears and whispers) oh thats the best idea you have had all day.
jake and helen leave still unnoticed and leave off screen

jane: (akwardly) umm wanna go get a pizza now... lover?
daria:(blushing and shy) yeh

they kiss softly seperate and wipe the tears from their eyes before going down the stairs

helen:girls! before you go anywhere would you like a pizza we have just ordered one and we need to talk to you two in the kitchen now

scene kitchen table jake and helen digging into the pizza while jane and daria look nervous trying to eat a slice each

helen:(sounds strict) now jane, daria we heard everything from you two upstairs
jane and daria gulp
daria(v/o) oh god theyre going to stop us being together.
helen: and well (looks at jane) shes free to be out with you anytime before 10 any later and you must call and let us know so we can make sure you get home safe ok?
daria: but mom you cant stop us we love each... oh ok (blushes).
helen: what? you thought id stop you?? well no i remember back before your dad and i met and i knew this wonderful girl called tra... oh nevermind you dont want to hear this another time maybe
jake: now then are you two planning on comeing out?

daria and jane look at each other, jane nodds her head up and down.

daria : umm soon maybe we should get used to being together first though... but please dont tell quinn or it will be out before tommorow morning
jake: well i dont think she would tell anyone especially not after what i saw her doing with her fashion club friends.

helen, daria and janes jaws collectively hit the floor.

jake:(to helen) what?

jane:(evil grin) looks like we need to go to cashmans then.

daria blushes and nudges jane in the ribs and flashes her small mona lisa smile

the end