Lawndale or Verone?
By: IJM (

Description: Jake gets a new job in Grace, Sloane and Page, then Tom's dad fires him, Sloane VS Morgendorffer and Tom and Daria between all this, do you recognize the story?

Scene 1: Morgendorffers' house

Jake: Good news girls!!
Helen: What is it Jake?
Jake: I got a new job... guess where Daria?
Daria: The White House?... wait, that's not a good notice at all
Helen: Jake, are you sure is a good idea? I thought that you'd decided to work of your own forever
Jake: I know Helen, but the business had gone too bad these months, I prefer to have a boss instead of searching for costumers
Daria: Why in that company?
Jake: Don't you think is a great idea, Daria? your boyfriend's father and yours working together... it's gonna be so good for all!
Quinn: Dad, does that mean that you're gonna get paid?
Jake: Sure, sweetheart
Quinn: Great, now I can buy new clothes in the Mall of the Millenium
Helen: Quinn! don't start to spend your father's money!
Jake: It's OK Helen, in that company we're gonna be with the rich people soon

Scene 2: Next day, Grace, Sloane and Page, Jake's new office

Angier: So Jake, I'm glad that you're working with us
Jake: Thanks Mr. Sloane
Angier: Please, call me Angier
Jake: Thanks Angier, did you know that your son is dating my daughter?
Angier: Yes I did, I knew your daughter eight months ago, last summer, let's work, shall we?
Jake: Sure Angier, is this my new office?
Angier: Of course Jake, if you have a question, don't doubt to ask me
Jake: OK, don't worry

Scene 3: Sloane's house

Tom: I thought your dad had his own business
Daria: Actually it was in that way, but I don't know why did he look for job in your enterprise
Tom: Listen, it's not my enterprise, it's my dad's
Daria: I know, I'm sorry, but it's kind of weird that your dad is my dad's boss
Tom: I'm not your boss, I'm your boyfriend, whatever happens our relationship is not gonna change, I promise

Daria kissed him, Tom was so sweet, she remembered when she met Tom, she didn't like him, she thought he was stealing her best friend, and then that parade, when she knew she liked him, their first kiss, not their best moment, she felt guilty betraying Jane, then they started dating, and, well... their first time they spent a night together... now he was not just her boyfriend, he was her lover

Tom: You know what? you're something... I understand if you feel strange 'cause all this situation, I feel weird too, but at the end our parents know exactly what they're doing... well I hope so
Daria: And if they don't, they can't blame us
Tom: In my opinion it's a good idea that our parents are working together, so they don't pay attention in our lives
Daria: I didn't know that your dad was following you, my dad tries to do that but he can't, the shadow of his father doesn't let him
Tom: And your mom is everything you have... she does everything for your own good
Daria: Like Norman Bates' mother in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho"
Tom: (laughs) I could say the same about my mom... and what are you gonna do this weekend?
Daria: If your parents are gonna be here... I'm gonna eat pizza with Jane
Tom: WHOA! I see your point...

Scene 4: Jake's office

Angier: So Jake, how's the work?
Jake: It's great... I just signed those papers and sent them to that other company... Jason's CO.
Angier: Wait a second!, which papers?
Jake: The papers that were on that desk, I sent them to Jason's CO.
Angier: Those papers were new ideas for the company and you sent them to Jason's CO. which is our competition!!!
Jake: Angier... I... I didn't know...
Angier: I told you that if you had a question you should ask me... and I'm Mr. Sloane for you!!
Jake: But... but...
Angier: That's it Morgendorffer... YOU'RE FIRED!! How could you be so stupid and idiot? GET OUT OF HERE!! I SHOULD SUE YOU!!
Jake: Look Mr. Money, you shouldn't care about those ideas, they weren't good anyway!!
Angier: I wrote them!!!
Jake: That explains the lack of intelligence on those papers!
Angier: I hate you Morgendorffer!
Jake: I hate you too Sloane!!

(Jake leaves and slams the door)

Scene 5: Lane's house

Jane: Do you want a pizza? I'm hungry and bored...
Daria: Sure, why not? um... Jane?
Jane: Yes? what is it Morgendorffer?
Daria: Could you do me a favor?
Jane: Are you gonna sleep with Tom again? don't tell me: his parents are not gonna be at home for the weekend... don't forget protection
Daria: I haven't said anything... why do you always think that all the favors I ask you are about sex?
Jane: What is it then?
Daria: (sighs) I'm gonna sleep with Tom again, his parents are not gonna be at home for the weekend, we'll use protection and I hate you Jane Lane
Jane: You're like an opened book to me, you're gonna tell your parents that you're gonna spend the whole weekend here? they won't believe that
Daria: The saddest part of this is that they believe everything I tell them
Jane: Well, you can use that and still sleeping with Tom, by the way, how many times have you done it?
Daria: It's not your business...
Jane: Have you taken a shower together?
Daria: Shut up
Jane: OK, just one more question. but you must answer it...
Daria: What?
Jane: What about my pizza?

Scene 6: Morgendorffers' house

Jake: Damn it! damn it!
Helen: What happened Jake? I thought you were gonna come home later...
Jake: That Mr. Sloane fired me!! that wasn't fair! he didn't even tell me what I had to do!!
Helen: What??!! oh, I see their problem... they think that they can do whatever they want 'cause they're rich!!!
Jake: Exactly that Helen! we're not rich, that's why he looked for the smallest mistake... and when he found it, he fired me!!
Quinn: What's up?
Helen: Quinn, your father was fired!!
Quinn: Fired? oh, no! what about my new clothes?? and our new style of life??
Jake: It's gone Quinn, do you know why? 'cause that Mr. Sloane thinks he's the king of the universe!!! he reminds me the Emperor in Star Wars!! that powerful and evil old man!!
Helen: Don't worry Jake, I'm with you and I'll prove those Sloanes who the Morgendorffers are!!!

Scene 7: Sloane's house

Katherine was in the living room waiting for her husband, Angier, when she heard him coming in

Angier: I'm gonna kill Jake Morgendorffer!!
Katherine: Why? what happened?
Angier: He sent all my ideas to our competition, what are we gonna do now? I just try to leave something to Tom and Elsie and that Jake Morgendorffer screwed it up!!
Katherine: Is that true?

(Phone rings)

Katherine: Yes?
Helen: Katherine Sloane?
Katherine: It's me, who is it?
Helen: I just called because your exaggerated husband fired Jake!
Katherine: You must be Helen Morgendorffer, listen, my husband wouldn't have fired yours if your husband wouldn't have been so idiot!!
Helen: What?! don't try to blame Jake of your husband's special problems!!
Katherine: Special problems? what do you mean?!
Helen: So all the Sloanes have special problems? and you know what I mean!!
Katherine: You mean all the Morgendorffers are stupid!!
Helen: Go to hell!!
Katherine: You too!!!

Katherine was so upset, nobody could talk them in that way, in fact nobody would even dare to do it...

Elsie: What happened?

Katherine told her daughter the whole story, Elsie was their daughter, she had to support them... she had to help them...

Elsie: You're right mom, the Morgendorffers can't ruin our family
Tom: I'll see you later... I'm going to Daria's
Katherine: Wait Tom, you can't see Daria again
Tom: WHAT??!!
Angier: You won't see that Morgendorffer again!
Tom: Daria is my girlfriend!!
Angier: The Sloanes are against the Morgendorffers, did you hear me Tom? YOU WON'T SEE DARIA AGAIN!!!
Katherine: Your father's right Tom, you better forget Daria
Elsie: Tom... Jake Morgendorffer almost ruined the whole enterprise today, then Helen Morgendorffer insulted mom!!
Angier: Did you hear that Tom? we're in war against the Morgendorffers!!

Scene 8: Morgendorffers' house

Jane: Now comes the difficult part...
Daria: It's not difficult, I'm gonna tell them that I'm gonna spend the entire weekend in your house
Jane: Sure, my house is such a beautiful turistic place

Daria entered in her house and saw her family in the living room, she didn't know what was going on, her parents and her sister looked so angry... maybe with her... maybe they found out that she was Tom's lover, but why was Quinn there too?

Daria: Jane, I'll see you later
Jane: Alright, good luck
Daria: What is this? family meeting?
Helen: Daria, you must leave Tom Sloane...
Daria: I beg your pardon?
Helen: Leave Tom Sloane
Daria: You must be kidding...
Helen: Tom's father fired your dad today, that wasn't fair, then Katherine Sloane called us stupids, you better date other guy
Daria: Sure, and where should I get him? in Rent-a-boyfriend?
Jake: Daria, this is serious, the Sloanes are against us and vice-versa, I won't let you get out with that Sloane again
Quinn: It's their fault that I can't buy new clothes, how dare he?
Daria: I guess you realize of all this you're saying, right? you can't avoid I see Tom
Jake: I'm not asking you... I told you: YOU CAN'T SEE HIM!!!
Daria: FINE!!

Daria went upstairs, she closed her door, she couldn't believe it; her parents were acting like babies, she didn't care: she would see Tom again, even if her parents weren't agree, she loved Tom and she knew he loved her too... she had to call him...

Tom: Hello?
Daria: Hi, it's me, can you talk?
Tom: Sure love, my parents said I have to leave you...
Daria: Mine too...
Tom: I won't do that...
Daria: Neither do I...
Tom: I promised: whatever happens our relationship is not gonna change, remember?
Daria: I do... I want to see you
Tom: I want to see you too, but right now I think it's a little bit... impossible, I'm gonna look for you tomorrow in the school, OK?
Daria: Alright... I love you
Tom: I love you too... see you tomorrow

Scene 9: The next day, Lawndale High

Jane: You're not serious!
Daria: Jane, I told you, my parents don't let me see Tom
Jane: How do you feel about this?
Daria: I love Tom, I don't care what the hell happened between his parents and mine
Jane: I see, but as long as you live with them you can't avoid their orders
Daria: But that's ridiculous!
Jane: I know, and what about Tom's family? they must see how stupid is all this
Daria: They told Tom he must leave me
Jane: Is the world going crazy?

Quinn was near, talking to the Fashion Club, then, a strange voice interrupted her...

Elsie: What do you think you're doing?
Quinn: You must be Elsie Sloane, what are you doing here?, oh, I forgot you're the rich people in Lawndale, well, you're so pathetic, all of you
Elsie: What? Your family is pathetic, look at you!
Quinn: I'm popular and beautiful, right girls?
Stacy: Don't try to bother Quinn, it's not going to work
Quinn: It's OK Stacy, I won't argue with this... Sloane, by the way, I'm gonna look for Daria... see you girls
Stacy, Sandi & Tiffany: Bye Quinn

Daria was waiting for Tom... when she saw him, she couldn't let her parents keep her away from Tom, she loved him so much...

Daria: Tom!
Tom: Daria!
Quinn: Daria! what are you doing with him?
Daria: Please, you don't think the same about the Sloanes
Quinn: Of course I do, Elsie Sloane insulted me a minute ago, let's go Daria... and Tom: you better stay away from my sister

Quinn took Daria by the arm and left, Tom couldn't believe it, he couldn't believe that his sister had insulted Quinn just because she was a Morgendorffer, he couldn't believe that he couldn't be with the woman he loved most 'cause he was a Sloane

Tom: This can't be true
Jane: I know, which family started all this?
Tom: I don't know but I'm not going to lose Daria because our parents had a stupid fight
Jane: OK, I wanna help you guys, this isn't fair
Tom: Do you really want to help us Jane? I thought it was kind of weird for you
Jane: It's OK, I can handle it
Tom: Thanks Jane
Jane: You're welcome Tom, althought I haven't done anything yet

Scene 10: Morgendorffers' house

(Daria and Quinn arrive)

Daria: Who do you think you are?!
Quinn: I'm Quinn Morgendorffer and you're Daria Morgendorffer, are you forgetting our last name?
Daria: Quinn, this is a stupid fight between our parents...
Quinn: It was in that way 'til Elsie Sloane tried to bother me, why do you want betray your own family?
Daria: I'm not betraying anyone Quinn
Quinn: You're still dating Tom Sloane!!
Daria: I'm not gonna leave him Quinn, you three have a problem with the Sloanes... I don't...

(Bell rings and Quinn opens the door)

Jane: Hi... is Daria here? I'm not a Sloane
Quinn: Come in, Daria, your friend is looking for you
Jane: Hi Daria
Daria: Jane, could you go to my room?

(Jane and Daria go upstairs)

Daria: Jane, I can't be like this forever
Jane: You're right and I have an idea, I'll drive you to the Mall of the Millenium, you wait there while I'm gonna look for Tom
Daria: Why too far?
Jane: Nobody can recognize you there, do you want all the Fashion Club or Kevin and Brittany see you?
Daria: Alright...

(Jane and Daria go downstairs)

Helen: Hi Jane
Jane: Hi, Mrs. Morgendorffer
Daria: Mom, do you mind if I go to the movies with Jane?
Jane: My brother Trent wants to get out with Daria
Helen: Of course you can go Daria, as soon as you forget Tom, it's gonna be better
Daria: Sure mom, you were right, I was wasting my time with Tom, that relationship wasn't going anywhere
Jake: That's my daughter!!
Daria: Alright, I have a date with Trent Lane, so I'll see you later
Jane: Yeah, sure, Daria's my new sister in law... bye
Jake & Helen: Bye girls

Scene 11: 5 hours later, Sloane's house
(Bell rings)

Elsie: I'm coming!!
Jane: Hi
Elsie: Who are you? and if you're a Morgendorffer I'm going to...
Jane: Take it easy, I'm Jane Lane, I'm dating Tom
Elsie: Really? did he leave Daria?!
Jane: Who's Daria?
Elsie: She's... never mind, so, are you dating Tom?
Jane: Sure
Elsie: I'm Elsie, Tom's sister, nice to meet you
Jane: Nice to meet you too
Elsie: Tom, Jane's here!!!
Tom: Jane?
Jane: Tom! are we gonna go to the movies?
Tom: What?
Elsie: Now that you're dating Jane, you can forget Daria
Tom: Of course Elsie, Jane's the coolest girl I've ever met, now if you excuse us... my lady and I are gonna go to the movies
Elsie: Bye guys

(Tom and Jane leave)

Tom: You must warned me first
Jane: It wasn't too difficult... besides I was dating you a long time ago and you never introduce me your sister
Tom: Are you complaning?
Jane: No
Tom: What is the plan Jane? you have a plan, right?
Jane: To the Mall of the Millenium, Daria's already there
Tom: OK, let's go
Jane: No... you go, she's in front of a chinese restaurant

Tom holded Jane, she was awesome, a really good friend...

Tom: Thanks Jane
Jane: You're welcome Tom

Scene 12: The Mall of the Millenium

Daria was so sad, she loved her family, and she was a little upset 'cause his father was fired, but, how could she blame Tom for that? Tom wasn't even there and how could the Sloanes be against her? she hadn't done anything, she wasn't angry with the Sloanes, Tom wasn't upset with her family, so why should they sacrifice their love?

Tom: Daria...

When Daria saw Tom she ran towards him, holded him tight and closed her eyes, she wanted to be in his arms forever; she felt safe, protected with him, Tom embraced her too, god, how could he leave her? he just hoped that Daria didn't ever let him go...

Daria: I never thought I'd say this but, please Tom, don't leave me
Tom: I won't, I couldn't
Daria: Our parents are wrong, what could we do?

Tom knew it, he had the perfect solution... but he wasn't sure if Daria would be ready for that, he had thought about it all day, all time, since his father told him that he must leave Daria, Tom took out something from his pocket... he opened the little case and Daria saw a diamond ring...

Tom: Would you marry me?

Daria was amazed, did Tom say what she thought he said? it was obvious, their parents wouldn't be agree and she didn't want to lose him, she respected him, trusted him... loved him, she had to answer

Daria: I love you
Tom: I love you too, marry me Daria, they can't keep us apart
Daria: No, they can't, I'll go with you wherever you go

Daria kissed Tom and he put the ring on her finger

Scene 13: Cashman's

Helen and Quinn were buying new clothes, they had to prove that it didn't matter if Jake didn't have a job

Helen: And now Daria's dating Trent Lane, Jane's brother
Quinn: Good for her, I thought for a while she'd never leave Tom
Katharine: What an awful surprise!
Elsie: What are you doing here?
Quinn: This is a free country, isn't it? we can be wherever we want an do whatever we want, could you stop thinking you're the owners of Lawndale?!
Helen: Quinn, don't waste your time talking to them, besides we won't worry about the Sloanes now Daria's dating Trent Lane
Elsie: And we don't have to worry now Tom's dating Jane... Lane?
Helen: But Jane was in our house, she took Daria to the movies 'cause her brother wanted to go out with her...
Elsie: This isn't truth, she took Tom to the movies
Quinn: Don't you think it's a huge coincidence?
Helen: We must go to Lane's house

Scene 14: Lane's house

(Bell rings)

Trent: I'm coming... hi
Helen: Where's Daria?
Trent: Daria? actually I don't know
Jane: Who is it Tre...? oh god...
Elsie: Where's Tom?
Katharine: I know where he is... he is with that Morgendorffer
Helen: Where are they Jane?
Jane: I won't tell you nothing
Helen: Jane, we're trying to help them, if they're together now it's gonna be more painful later...
Trent: What's going on Janey? where's Daria?
Jane: (sighs) In the Mall of the Millenium
Quinn: Let's go there
Jane: Alright, but I'll go with you

Scene 15: The Mall of the Millenium

Helen: As soon as I see Tom, I'm gonna sue him for seduce my daughter
Katharine: What?! maybe Daria seduced Tom, actually I don't know what kind of girl she is...
Helen: How dare you?!! Jane can tell you what kind of son you have...
Jane: ENOUGH!! STOP IT!! I'm tired of listening you arguing all the time
Quinn: There they are!!!

When Tom and Daria saw their families and Jane warning them, they knew exactly what to do... Tom took Daria's hand and ran towards his car was. Tom opened the door's car to Daria, kissed her hand and looked into her eyes

Tom: Whatever happens our relationship is not gonna change, I promised
Katharine: Tom!!!

Daria got into the car, Tom jumped over car's bonnet, got into the car too and left

Helen: Daria!!!
Katharine: Tom!... this is your fault Morgendorffer!
Helen: My fault? your son took my little girl away!
Jane: STOP, BOTH OF YOU! don't you realize of this? you're both guilty for try to keep them apart... you're gonna be so lucky if you come back to see them again

(Jane leaves)

Elsie: We should follow them
Katharine: You're right Elsie... um, do you come with us Helen? Quinn?
Helen: Sure, let's go

All of them got into Katharine's car, in few minutes they could see Tom's car, Katharine tried to attract their attention turning on the car's lights

Tom: Damn it!
Daria: What is it?
Tom: My mom is right behind us...
Daria: What are we gonna do now?
Tom: Don't worry, I'll lose them...

Tom went faster, he was too worried, too worried to see other car going towards them...

Daria: TOM, LOOK OUT!!!

Those were the last words Tom listened before the crash...

Scene 16: Lawndale's Hospital

The Sloanes were worried about Tom who was still unconscious, 'til he started to scream the name of the woman he cared most

Tom: DARIA, DARIA!!!... what happened?
Angier: You had an accident, son
Tom: An accident?... oh god... where's Daria? where is she?!
Katharine: She's here, she's fine, don't worry about her...
Katharine: You can't... Tom, you two were so lucky...

Tom stood up, he wanted to see Daria, he needed to know if she was alright

Angier: Tom, please
Tom: I must see Daria...
Angier: Alright, fine, but I'll help you, she's next door, you don't have to worry

The Morgendorffers were next door waiting that Daria wake up, then they saw Tom and his father entering to her room

Tom: How is she?
Helen: She's fine Tom, but she's still unconscious
Tom: This is my fault...
Angier: Tom... this is not your fault, we've been acting like children these days... I'm sorry
Daria: Tom, don't leave me!... where am I?

Tom holded Daria, she was confused, then she started to remember, the road, the crash... god, now their parents were there... they would tell her to leave Tom... again

Helen: Daria, dear, are you alright? you two had an accident
Daria: I know, I remember
Jake: Daria, we're so sorry, you don't have to leave Tom
Daria: In fact we were gonna get married...
Sloanes & Morgendorffers: WHAT??!!
Tom: That was the only way to stay together
Angier: But you're too young!
Helen: And now you're together, you don't have to get married
Katharine: And we promise don't try to keep you apart again
Jake: Sure, we promise

(Jane enters)

Jane: God, Daria, are you OK? what is doing Tom here? I thought this was your room
Daria: We're fine Jane
Jane: I heard about the crash... and I hope that your parents or his parents don't try anything with your relationship
Katharine: Never... Tom, go back to your room, you need to rest...
Tom: Sure... are you gonna be fine Daria?
Daria: Your mom's right, you shouldn't be here

Tom kissed Daria in the forehead, he was so lucky for have such a beautiful and awesome woman

Daria: (whispers) I love you
Tom: (whispers) I love you more

Scene 17: Midnight, Tom's room at the hospital

Tom: Daria, what are you doing here?

(Daria holds Tom and starts to cry)

Daria: I thought I'd lose you... before the accident, at the moment of the crash... and after...
Tom: Dear, I'm here, I'll always be here for you... I promised: whatever happens our relationship is not gonna change... that accident was my fault, that happened because my recklessness
Daria: Don't say that Tom, this is nobody's fault and we're alive
Tom: C'mon darling, I'll go with you to your room...

Scene 18: Daria's room

Tom: Now, sleep and try to rest, you need it
Daria: You too
Tom: Night dear
Daria: Night Tom... Tom?
Tom: Yeah?
Daria: We won... we're still together

Tom turned around and kissed Daria, he didn't care about anything if Daria was with him, if she loved him...

Tom: We won dear, we won...


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