Daria - The Next Chapter

Part 3: "Life is Like A Firework"

Author's Notes: This story line begins in 2008/2009. This is part 3 of a continuing story line. If you haven't read the previous 2 parts, you may want to do so, allthough it is not neccessary. I have/ will be adding new characters to move the story line along, while only mentioning some of the regular characters in passing.

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The Fourth of July was upon the town of Lawndale. Everyone was gearing up for the annual Lawndale Parade. The town moved the parade from Homecoming Week after a rivalry fight caused thousands of dollars in damages downtown. After the parade, there would be a firework display at the Stadium of Lawndale High. Allen spent most of his morning trying to convince Daria to attend. He even called her parents for back-up. She finally broke down and agreed. She put on a pair of blue jeans and a Yale University T-shirt. She grabbed a light jacket and umbrella - just in case. Hanging out with Jane, a former Girl Scout, was rubbed off on her. They locked the door and headed downtown.

"Hurry mommy! I want to see the floats and the fireworks!"

"Okay Anne.. let's go. Trent -- mom -- are you coming?"

"We'll catch up Janey. Meet us in front of the library. Don't worry, we'll be there in time to catch the float your summer creative arts class made."

Jane and Anne headed downtown. Her mind begins to drift. I wonder if she'll be here. Certainly she has gone back to Connecticut by now. Besides, she hates parades. What will I do if I see her? Her mind snaps back as she finds a place to park. She and Anne made their way to the float that her art class had made: A mini Statue of Liberty with a dove perched on its torch. Jane congratulated her class and headed to the library. Jane stopped to look around for the car-- her car. If Daria was anywhere in this town.. it would be here. After a few moments, she let out a breath of relief and disappointment. A few minutes later, Trent and Amanda arrived. Anne asked Trent if she could sit on his shoulders. He hoisted her up with a grin on his face.

"Try not to get cotton candy in Uncle Trent's hair and I'll get you some sparklers after the parade."

"I wont get you hair yucky cause I like sparlers" the three year old smiled.

Daria and Allen found a place to stand near the pharmacy. 'Damn don't this bring back bad memories' she thought. She closed her eyes to try to block the visions going through her head. Allen put his arms around her petite waist. She leaned back into him. They got settled in to watch the parade. Allen saw her parents and waved. They returned the gesture before heading to sit with the Griffiths. Their feud ended years ago after Sandi't overdose. That event led Quinn to become the woman she was today: wife, mother, soldier.. currently six months into a year long tour in Afghanistan. Once she returned, her time with the Army would be over. She had already decided not to reenlist but to go back to college. Daria said a silent prayer for her sister's safe return.

As the floats began to pass by, one caught Daria's attention. It was a paper-mache Statue of Liberty with a dove. The title of the float was "Freedom and Peace". The float, while beautiful, was not what caught her eyes. It was the sign hanging from the veficle towing it: "Jane Sloane's Summer Arts Academy". Daria's eyes widened. It was her car that day! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! I should have knocked. Wait - Sloane - soo.. she did marry Tom. Wow - Jane married. I have to find her. Part of her wanted to get up; but, she hesitated. What if Tom is with her? What do I say? She sat back down and squeezed Allen's hand a little tighter. A concerned look fell on his face.

"Is something wrong? Do you want to go home?"

"No. I am fine. Let's head for the football stadium so we can get really good seats for the firework display." She faked a smile. Allen helped her up and they left.

Jane, Trent, Amanda and Anne left for the stadium after she went and saw her art class one more time. They drove to their old high school and parked. As they walked through the parking lot, Jane noticed a Red Nissan Xterra with a Connecticut license plate. She stared at the car, definately the right state but it wasn't her car. Maybe it was a rental. She has to be here. Trent, Amanda and Anne sat down. Jane finally joined them but kept looking around.

"Jane-- are you okay?

"I'm fine Trent. Can Anne stay with you for a few minutes. I need to walk off some of this energy."

"Sure- hey bring back some drinks. Thanks."

Jane's mind was racing. This is crazy. Why am I looking for her? She left me - left us! Still... Jane did a quick scan of the crowd. Nothing. A sense of sadness came over her. She decided to head to the concession stand. The line was long. fireworks will be done before I can even order the drinks. I hope Anne is having a good time with Trent. Man this line is slow. Jane sighed and continued to wait.

Daria stands up and turns to Allen. "I need to use the restroom and a coffee. You want anything?"

"You when we get back home. For now get me a soda."

Daria flashed a half-smile as she walked away. "Okay I'll be right back."

Daria headed to the restroom. As she exited, she made her way to get her and Allen's drinks. About ten people ahead of her is the back of the someone who looked like... no it couldn't be.. could it? As the woman made her way to place her order, Daria focused intensly on her voice. She strained to hear over the people talking around her. She put all of her concentration into sifting through the mindless banter. Then she heard it. Daria shifted to one side-- hoping to get a better view. The crowd around her made this hard to do as she started to get surrounded. Then, she caught a glimpse of the woman with jet black hair as she exited the line.


Jane stopped dead in her tracks to turn behind her. A voice - her voice - a voice she hadn't heard in over four years rang in her head. She slowly turned around. She could feel the drink holder slipping through her fingers. Daria made her way over to prevent them from falling. Jane quickly composed herself. She surveyed Daria. She's lost a little weight from what I remember. Yale University -- yeah she had the brains for Yale. That had to be her vehicle I saw in the parking lot. What do I say to you-- after all this time -- after all the hell I have been through. Jane shook her head and gave Daria a slight grin.

"Thanks. You look good amiga."

"I'm sorry if I startled you.. I'll let you go." Daria went to get back in line.

"Don't - don't turn around. Are you busy tomorrow afternoon?"


"You want to get together for coffee? The class I teach ends at noon. I can be at Bean Me by 12:15."

"Okay.. see you then." Daria's brain was screaming -- say more damnit! Tell her how much you've missed her. Say something- anything. "Jane..."


"The float your class made looked great."

"Thanks." Jane grinned and walked away as the fireworks began to go off.

Part 4 Coming Soon.