Title: DAMMIT! part 2
Description: Watch as Daria, Jane, and Mystic Spiral finish up their trip.

By Dallas Bolen (slipknotstonesourmudvayne@yahoo.com)

The next morning, sunshine shined through the windsheild and right into Daria's face, waking her up with a killer head-ache. After popping a few asprin's she had in her bag, she noticed someone was asleep on her shoulder, Trent! This both shoked and embarressed her, so she made the best of it and tried to fall back asleep without waking him up. But soon everyone started to wake up in misery of a hang-over, almost immediatly Jane barfed into her bucket, then Jesse filled up what Jane's barf didn't, and soon after that Max and Nick made their last night's puke piles bigger. Luckily Daria paced herself while drinking and just got away with a head-ache and nausia, but Trent, as usual he slepted it off. "I say we get this stuff loaded and go back to sleep," suggested Nick, rubbing his eyes, "Same hear, but after we load this stuff, I think a swin in the lake down the road should snap us outta this," said Jane, which everyone agreed to. Through all the loading and the short! drive to the lake, Trent was still asleep, so when they got to the lake, Jesse and Max decided to play a joke on him by throwing him in the lake asleep. So after dragging him outta the Tank, Max grabbed his ankles and Jesse grabbed his arm's and carrind him to the edge of the bank, swung him back and forth three times, and let go. As soon as he hit the cold water, Trent jumped up, gasping for air, and totally freaked out. But the joke was also on Jesse and Max, for when they threw him, they were so hung-over, that they fell in themselves. After swimming around a little, everyone got used to the water temperature and started splashing around, except for Daria, who chose to dry off and read a book. Then Trent found two abandoned inner-tubes tied together by a rope, and swam them up to shore, "Hey Daria, could you get me my sunglasses?" asked Trent, "Sure," Daria answered and went to the Tank and brought them back, "Thanks, hey, since you still have youe bathing suit on, why don't you ! come back in the water and float around on a tube with me?" suggested Trent, handing one toward's her, "Well, okay," Daria agreed and got on one and float out in the lake with him, even though he fell asleep on the spot. For about thirty minutes of floating, they said nothing, and then Trent woke up, "Sure is quiet out hear," commented Trent after a long silence, "Sure is," Daria replied, realizing how far they floated away from shore, "Mabye we should start paddling back before we float too far off," Daria suggested, "Yeah, I guess," said Trent and they started kicking their feet in the water, "Sorry about getting inturrupted last night, we had a pretty cool conversation going," apologized Trent, "That's okay, and yeah, I find it really nice talking with you," said Daria, "I know, it's hard to beleive girl your age is so understanding, I feel I can talk to you about anything," Trent said, "Same hear, I can't beleive a gu can understand my problem's like ou do," Daria said, looking a! t him, who is as laid back as you can get in an inner-tube, "Mabye we knew eachother in a past life?" stated Trent, "Mabye," said Daria, but they didn't realize how close they were to shore and were flipped off their inner-tubes by Jesse, "Dammit, Jesse! What the hell?!" yelled Trent, whipping water outta his eyes, "It was a joke, I couldn't resist it," said Jesse, "Yeah, but you made lose my glasses," said Daria, looking around, "Oops, sorry, hold on," said Jesse as he dived down and came up with her glasses, "Here they are," said Jesse, handing them back to Daria, "Your lucky," said Daria, putting them back on, "Lucky? Or what?" teased Jesse, "Or this!" yelled Trent as he lunged forward and dunked Jesse and started a water wrestling game, "I hate to break up this special moment, but we gotta go," said Jane as she swam up to them, "Okay," said Trent and Jesse as everyone swam to shore.

Before they left the lake, Nick and Jesse forced the window's of the Tank open so the wind would blow their hair dry. After that, Jessewent to Trent, who was drying himself with a towel, to talk to him, "Hey man," said Jesse, "Hey Jess," Trent replied, "You know that Daria chick?" asked Jesse, "Yeah, what about her?" Trent re-asked, "Well, she..uh...has this, um...actually, she really..." Jesse babbled, "Jesse, just tell me, man," Trent ordered, "Iover-heardDariatellingJanethatshehasfeelingsfor-you, man," Jesse finally said, "What?" said Trent, in shock, "It's true, now all you have to do is ask her," said Jesse, "No way, man. Your lying," accoused Trent, "Fine, believe what you want," said Jesse, "Dammit!" he thought to himself as they got in the Tank, then they left to the next gig. "Hey Max, you get that money from last night's show?" asked Trent, running a towel over his head to dry his hair, "I thought Jesse did," Max answered, "I thought Nick did," said Jess! e, "I thought Trent got the money," said Nick, "You mean we didn't get paid? W played a free show!" yelled Trent at everyone, but then, "I got the money," said Daria in the back, "What?," asked everyone, "You guy's were way to drunk last night, so before I got too drunk, I got the money for you," explained Daria, then everyone let out a sigh of releif and thanked her, "Thank's Daria, you're a big help with this band," said Trent, everyone agreed, "Your welcome," said Daria, not too loudly.

They were halfway to the next gig when Nick noticed they needed gas, so they pulled in to the next gas station for fuel and bathroom break's. As Jane was in the Porto-Potty, Daria waited outside, twitching with the urge to pee, then Trent walked up, "Hey Daria. ou hafta go bad don't you," he said, observently, "Yeah, bad," she answered, "You know what help's get your mind off the urge?" said Trent, making Daria hope he had the answer, "What?" she asked, "Heck, I was asking you!" Trent said, making Daria confused, then realized that he had joked, "Oh! Ha ha ha!" she laughed, then Jane came out, "It's all yours," Jane said, then headed for the Tank, "Thank's," said Daria, then went in.

"Yo, people! Were hear!" yelled Jane from the front of the Tank as Jesse pulled into the parking lot of the small Bar/Club, "Alrighty then, let's get to it," said Nick as he climbed out and got on top of the Tank and started handing the load down to Max. After getting everything onto the stage, Jesse, Max, and Nick started hooking everything up and getting ready for the show, and Trent sat down at Daria and Jane's table, "Aren't you supposed to be helping?" asked Jane, "All I know how to do is put my amp cord into an outlet, and turn it on, the rest of the guy's do all the complicated stuff," explained Trent, leaning in his seat, then dozed off before they could say anything else, "I give you, Sir. King Narcoleptic himself," said Jane, pointing to Trent, "No scheduale can hold him down," Daria remarked. When it was time, Trent was woke up so they can put on a show. He was a little groggy, but when he got onstage, it was like a drug, he instantly woke up and started! the show with perfect energy and power. This show was different then the last one, this time there was no set's, just one big show.

When the show was over, people were cheering and yelling 'Encore!', even though they did four encore's. While they were packing up, people kept asking if they had demo's they could give out, but they explained how they were just a little garage band and the fan's refused to believe such talent was going unnoticed. Before they piled in the Tank, Trent came up to Daria, "Hey, Daria?" he asked, "Yes?" she answered, "Since we are sometimes forgetful, we would love to have you collect our pay's at our show's, sort of a fund's manager, since you help us out alot," he offered, she thought for a moment, "Sure, why not? It would be fun," "Cool, your there," he said as they got in the Tank.

It was about 1:00 a.m., and they were on ther way home. While Max drove, everyone slept, so he got stuck buying energy pill's to stay awake and not doze off and wreck. Meanwhile, about fifty miles behind them, Sandi was stuck driving while Tiffany and Stacy were snoring in the back. "Idiot!" Sandi said to herself, "Why did you agree to play? You alway's lose at Rock, Paper, Scissor's!" she yelled at herself, for she lost at the game and was stuck driving home, "Why couldn't Quinn have come? I woulda made her drive," she said, then they go off in the distance.

As Max drove on, he noticed something on the side of the road, "What the..." he said, then realized it was two kid's, and they were breaking glass bottles in the road, "Whoa!" Max yelled as he tried to swerve outta the way of the shard's of glass, he missed it, but slid into a tree, hitting the side of the Tank.

After everyone got out of the Tank, they started asking Max about what happend. "I'm telling ou, there were kid's throwing glass, they must've ran off when we crashed," Max said, trying to defend himself, "What's this 'we' thing? You wrecked the Tank," said Jesse, "Oh, c'mon, that's not fair," said Max, "Life's not fair," Nick muttered, "Hey you, shut up!" yelled Max, "Don't tell me to shut up!" Nick yelled back as yet another arguement of their's started, "Well, how are we gonna get home now?" asked Daria, "Don't worry, the Tank has had worst wreck's then this," said Trent as he got in and tried to start it, but it wouldn't even try, it was just dead. "Well, mabye I was wrong," admitted Trent, "We need to flag someone down to tow us," said Jesse, "Hey Daria, go show your leg to other driver's," suggested Jane, "Your pushing it, Lane," said Daria, glarring at Jane, "I'll go stop someone," said Nick, then Max, Jesse, and Jane followed, leaving Daria and Trent behin! d, "Oh well, let's go hang out in the Tank till they get back," suggested Trent, "O.k.," Daria agreed.

Driving down the road 10 miles over the speed limit, Sandi raced to get home so she could brag to Quinn about what a good time they had, even though there was a windstorm that blew all their new clothes out of the car. Then she saw something up ahead, kid's throwing glass in the road! She swerved to miss the glass, but spun out. Spinnig out of control woke up Tiffiny and Stacy, who began screamming while Sandi tried to get control of the car. But between spin's, she saw a group of hitch-hiker's on the side of the road, "Look out!" Sandi yelled, then they all jumped out of the way at the last second as the car spun to a stop.

As the Fashion Club got out of the car, Max, Nick, and Jesse came over to see if they were okay, while Jane went to get Trent and Daria. After the Fashion Fiend's explained about the kid's throwing glass, Max popped up, "I told you! I told you! There were kid's throwing glass! Now you know I'm right!" Max yelled, then everyone went back to figuring out what their gonna do. "Well, let's wait till Trent and Daria get hear before we figure out what to do," said Jesse. (two minutes before) Daria and Trent were sitting in the Tank listening to music, trying to think of what to say, then Trent broke the silence. "How did you and Janey become friend's?"he asked, "Well, we weren't friend's at first, we just talked to eachother, started hanging out, then I guess we became friend's," Daria explained, thinking back, "Yeah, Janey's a great person, easy to get along with," said Trent, "I already told you how glad I am to be friend's with you, but sometimes I wonder why you guy's would want to be friend's with me," Daria said, "Why wouldn't we? You talk what's on your mind, your independent, you don't care what anyone think's, your just like me, but more," Trent's said, which stunned both him and Daria, "Really?" she asked, "Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean for that to come out," he appoligized, "Now, don't, I'm glad you said it, for a while that's what I thought about you." Daria said, blushing, "Really? That's cool, I alway's thought you tho! ught I was boring," explained Trent, "Why? You are alway's doing what you want, getting up when ever you want, you live the life," said Daria, then it became silent again as Trent thought about what to say. After thinking, "But it get's lonely without someone to be there," said Trent, "Yeah, I know, when you have thing's to say and know one's there tp listen, it suck's, but with you,(looking into Trent's eye's, he looking back) I can tell you anything," she said, "Same hear," he agreed, then they leaned closer, and then..."Hey you two, someone stopped, so let's go!" yelled Jane from the door of the Tank, "Dammit, Jane!" "Dammit, Janey!" Daria and Trent thought at the same time, "O.K.," said Daria, "Whatever," said Trent, helping Daria out of the Tank.

"What's going on?" asked Daria as she and Trent walked up to Sandi's car, "Well, come to find out, Max was right, there were kid's throwing glass in the road, and they(pointing toward's the Fashion Club) spun out trying to swerve away from the glass like Max did," explained Jesse, "I told you!" yelled Max, "Enough of that, dammit!" Nick yelled at him. "Anyhoo, we need to think of a plan on how were gonna get home," said Jane, then everyone started looking around as they thought, then Trent came up, "Does their car still work?" he asked, looking at Sandi's car, "Yeah, all they did was spin to a stop," said Jane, "Then mabye I'll get the chain's from the Tank and hook their car up to our's and tow us," Trent suggested, waiting for a reply, "What other choice do we have?" asked Daria, "I guess so," said Jesse, then headed to the Tank, "I'll get the chain's," he said over his shoulder as he headed off, "Hey Daria, let's have the fun telling the Fashion Club our plan,! " said Jane, "O.K.," Daria said answered non-enthusiastically.

As Daria and Jane walked up, Sandi looked over, "Aren't you Quinn's cousin, or what-ever?" she asked, "No, I'm her sister," Daria corrected, "Oh My God! Did you hear that? Just wait till..." Sandi is interupted by Jane, "Anyway, hear's the plan. Were gonna tie some chain's from our van to your car and your car is gonna tow us," Jane explained, Sandi's eyes get wide, "Oh no your not, we ain't towin anyone, you can find your own ride home," said Sandi, then walked to her car, "Your gonna tow us, or I'll get that picture your brother's gave Quinn of you with braces," Daria threatened, "You wouldn't," Sandi challenged, "Oh yeah?" said Daria, looking dead in her eyes, "Fine! Man I hate brain's!" Sandi yelled as Daria and Jane wnt to the Tank to give the O.K.

As Trent and Jesse finished chaining the vehicle's together, everyone got ready to go, "Trent, or whatever your name is, how do I pull another car?" asked Sandi, "Your not pulling anything, you'd wreck us, I'm driving, and Jesse's stearring," he answered, getting into the car, "Oh, okay," said Sandi, then got into the Tank, then Nick, Max, and Jesse got in, followed by the rest of the Fashion Club. As Trent started up Sandi's car, Daria and Jane got it, "Way too many air-head's to ride in the Tank," said Jane as she put on her seat-belt, "Thought so," said Trent, then put it in drive, and the car gave a jerk, but they were going.

"Oh, my, god! Look what he did to my car's bumper!" yelled Sandi from the back of the Tank, "Shouldn't have bought a cheap car," commented Jesse from the driver's seat, "Eeww! Get him away from me!" sqealed Stacy as Nick tried to hit on her, "Oh c'mon! You know you like it," said Nick, leaning closer to her, "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is the last thing you hear as the Tank disappeared into the distance.

When they pulled up to Daria's house, still dragging the Tank, it was 4 a.m., "I'm gonna get my stuff outta the Tank," said Daria, "Okay, we'll wait," said Trent. When she opened the side door, it was loud enough to wake the Fashion Club, "Where are we?" asked Sandi, rubbing her eyes, "It's 4 a.m., were at my house, and you'll be home shortly," answered Daria, "Thank god," moaned Sandi. When Daria came up to the car, she put her hand on the door, "That trip was fun, thank's for taking me," she said, "Your welcome, we should do it again," said Trent, then rubbed her hand, "Mabye someother time," said Daria, smiling, "Well, see ya," she said, then walked to her door, "Later!" he called as he drove off, jerking the car, then you hear a faint "My bumper!!" from Sandi inside the Tank.

As they drove away, Trent looked over his shoulder to see Daria walk into her house, "Next time," he thought to himself, "I'll ask her next time," then you see the yellow convertible dragging the Tank off out of sight.