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A collection of software and other items for use with desktop computers and portable devices. For items requiring Microsoft Windows, some items will work with most existing versions of Windows, while others will only work with specific versions. (This will be noted where applicable.)

To unpack and use most of these add-ons, you will need a utility that can extract files from ZIP archives. The freeware InfoZIP and 7-Zip utilities will do the job just fine, and come in flavors for multiple platforms (DOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.).

If you have any Daria-related items that you would like to make available to the online Daria community, feel free to send them (or a link to them) to All items posted on this page will be given due credit to the contributor.

Smartphone Applications
The Daria Fandom Blog II App for Android

Developed by Ronald Lovejoy (aka rglovejoy), this free app allows most Android-based phones to easily access the latest topics on the Daria Fandom Blog II using a simple interface. Topics are shown in a format that is easier to read than viewing the site on a web browser.

Download this app to your phone at the Android Market

Set #1 by Jason Cabral: (50,684 bytes)

Set #2 by Jessica:
The Fashion Club - Too many to show here! (189,308 bytes)
Plus! Themes

Intended for Windows 95 with the Plus! Pack installed, these themes include icons, background bitmaps, and sounds. Note that these themes have not been tested with Windows 98, but they should work just fine.

Theme #1 by Alex Myring (2,210,226 bytes)

Theme #2 by Emma Russell (376,156 bytes)

Theme #3 by Crazy Nutso
(Based on episode #307, "Daria!") (1,536,949 bytes)
Images of Trent

640x480 (159,073 bytes)
800x600 (235,779 bytes)
Brittany Quotes

640x480 (63,576 bytes)
800x600 (85,142 bytes)
Daria is Quinn

640x480 (91,288 bytes)
800x600 (133,698 bytes)
Daria Alter-Egos (by jBONE)

640x480 (193,290 bytes)
800x600 (265,340 bytes)
Sick, Sad World

640x480 (161,332 bytes)
800x600 (206,951 bytes)
Daria (by Arsenic)

640x480 (176,147 bytes)
800x600 (257,247 bytes)
1024x768 (418,508 bytes)
TrueType Font

The TrueType font available below is called "Stereo Hi-Fi." It has become quite popular with Daria web site creators due to its striking similarity to the brush script lettering used in the Daria logo. (7,245 bytes)
WinAmp Skins

These skins are for use with WinAmp, the popular multimedia player for Windows 95/98/NT. All of the skins are compatible with WinAmp 1.0 and later, while several skins are enhanced for use with WinAmp 2.0. (Thanks to Katherine Goodman for her recommendation.)

The following skins were created by Daniel C. Au, and were obtained from his web page, Daniel's WinAmp Skins, which has a rather extensive collection of skins he has created (many of them anime-based). (35,716 bytes) (37,001 bytes) (28,108 bytes) (35,895 bytes) (21,265 bytes) (19,624 bytes)

The following skins were created by Jessi L. Bencloski (requires WinAmp 2.0). (63,935 bytes) (155,166 bytes) (67,524 bytes)