Stacy Rowe Full Name: Stacy Rowe
Current Age: 17
Current Vocation: Senior at Lawndale High
Season One Age: 15
Season One Vocation: Freshman at Lawndale High
First Appearance: Esteemsters

Stacy is the Secretary of the Fashion Club. She is deeply insecure, and appears to have no personality of her own. As such, she pretty much lives vicariously through the other Fashion Club members, particularly Quinn (one time, she even dressed exactly like Quinn and wanted them to dye their hair the same color). Stacy is also highly emotional, and has been known to go into panic attacks so bad that she starts hyperventilating. When it comes to the power struggle between Sandi and Quinn, Stacy will usually try to take Quinn's side, but more often than not is cowed into submission by Sandi. However, this appears to be changing: the frustrations of trying to run the Fashion Club with the self-absorbed Tiffany (after Sandi and Quinn temporarily resigned) caused Stacy to blow up at the poor girl. This little brush with self-confidence seems to have manifested itself in the ability to stand up for herself... but not all the time, of course.

Status at end of series: Advanced to the senior class at Lawndale High. Took a permanent sabbatical from the Fashion Club after Quinn did likewise, with Tiffany and Sandi following suit, which essentially caused the Fashion Club to dissolve (though the girls continue to be friends and hang out with each other).

Daria on Stacy: Shows her navel. Says nothing novel.

Voice: Stacy's voice is performed by Sarah Drew.

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  • Stacy's last name was never mentioned on the series. It was unofficially revealed on one of the many incarnations of MTV's Daria site.
  • During the first three seasons, Stacy wore (with only minor variations) a denim skirt and a light blue shirt showing plenty of midriff. Starting with season four, she wore the outfit shown above.